Lil Johnson's 1936 musical raunch


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  1. David Pescovitz says:

    Yes, I’ve heard that “Get ‘Em From The Peanut Man” was in Jackass 3.5.

  2. Huwman says:

    Wait a sec – are you saying some blues lyrics are metaphors for SEX?!

  3. Nick Diaz says:

    This is a great tune. I love the hokum blues. One that is always fun is Bo Carter’s “Banana in Your Fruit Basket” ( Lucille Bogan’s “Shave ‘Em Dry” is hysterical as well, but extremely NSFW (especially for the 30s!)

  4. Brainspore says:

    Truly, Chef’s “Chocolate Salted Balls” song is heir to a fine tradition of genital-pun lyricizing.

  5. Marktech says:

    The late and much lamented George Melly used to sing this, along with such sensitive ballads as Bessie Smith’s “Kitchen Man”:

    His frankfurter’s oh so sweet
    How I love his sausage meat
    I can’t do without my kitchen man

    How that man can open clams
    No-one else can touch my hams
    I can’t live without my kitchen man… 

    George Melly had a liking for picturesque euphemism: he used to enliven his concerts by explaining to audiences the meaning of terms such as “yodelling up the canyon”.

  6. Kaffenated says:

    I’m guessing she liked peanuts and hot dogs.

    Great find. Thanks for sharing!

  7. akputney says:

    Glad you brought up Bessie Smith. Two of my favorites: “I Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl” and “Take Me for a Buggy Ride.” Innuendo? I think yes.

  8. Hank says:

    But wait, I thought sex was invented in the 60s…

  9. Listener43 says:

    I find this all quite distasteful. Where are the wholesome blues lyrics?

  10. gumpachiro says:

    That’s a picture of Ma Rainey, not Lil Johnson.

  11. Patrick Skiffington says:

    Also, three words: Shave ‘Em Dry

  12. angusm says:

    You can buy whole albums full of “risqué blues” numbers with titles like “Keep on churnin’ (till the butter comes)” and “Drill, daddy, drill”.

    As you may guess, these particular numbers do not celebrate American dairy farming and the oil industry, whatever the titles might suggest.

  13. How has no one here mentioned the Asylum Street Spankers in this thread!?  They covered all of these songs at one point or another.  Their renditions of “Shave em Dry” ( and “Hot Nuts” (otherwise knows as “The Scrotum Song – were some of the raunchiest things I have ever heard live.  The band is no longer together but you can still find their entire catalog on iTunes I believe.

  14. capnmarrrrk says:

    Sure we know about “Shave ‘em dry” but have you heard Lucille Bogan’s  “Til the Cows Come Home?” Whoo that’s filthy!

  15. Paul Renault says:

    My favourite:
    Alberta Hunter, age 86 or so, singing “My Handy Man”

    “…sometimes he’s up, way before dawn, busy cleaning the rough edges of my front lawn…”

  16. the delightful White Ghost Shivers doing “Toot yer Whistle, Blow My Horn” is immediately brought to mind:

  17. ocker3 says:

    I can’t let this thread go without linking to Chuck Berry’s My Ding-a-ling

  18. Steve Jacobs says:

    Or one could look on

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