Perry Bible Fellowship comic on space exploration

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9 Responses to “Perry Bible Fellowship comic on space exploration”

  1. GawainLavers says:

    Oldie but goodie.

  2. Kind of put the punchline in the title there.

  3. PBF is the best comic strip on the web, but the creator stopped making them a long time ago. But I am thrilled to see that there is a new one… as of today! 

  4. The Chemist says:

    Haven’t been back there in a while. Whoosh! There went half an hour.

  5. Stefan Jones says:

    Check out the PBF team’s videos. The one about the cowboys and the ants is WAY trippy.

  6. Teirhan says:

    :( now you’re making me miss PBFs.  one of my fave comics ever.

  7. Ziggamorph says:

    Why did no one tell me PBF is back?

  8. fss says:

    RSS, my friend. This comic was part of the refresher course along with the new ones this morning.

  9. I’m impressed how a failure (I suppose it was a failure) in the RSS feed brought old strips to new discussions.

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