[Video Link]. From the Cartoon Network show MAD (via @evanatwired/@waxpancake).


  1. Sorry, purely referential humor does nothing for me.

    Don’t just regurgitate memes at me, do something NEW with them. Referencing as many memes as you can doesn’t make it funny, it just means you don’t have an actual joke.

    If I wanted lolcat jokes and reaction images, I have folders and folders of them I could browse through. Watching that was like listening to someone describe image macros they saw on tumblr.

    1. The joke was the juxtaposition of internet memes (specifically lolcats) with the old Thundercats cartoon (or the newer reboot). THAT’S the joke. The individual references were the carrying out of that joke.

      It’s fine if you didn’t find it funny but to say that there’s no joke there is just missing the point completely.

      1. “The individual references were the carrying out of that joke.”

        Sorry, not convinced. The video was just throwing memes at the wall to see what stuck.  If they had put actual effort to incorporating the memes into the video, I would agree with you with respect to the juxtaposition.

        But as it stands, the memes are so divorced from the rest of the video you could cut them out and not notice. They had musical stings announcing a caption. The entire action of a scene paused so a Creeper could reference a tired Minecraft meme.

        If juxtaposition is the entire joke, that’s a terrible joke.

  2. Ahh I needed that.  Narwhals….is there anything they can’t do??

    (ok…walk)  Still,

    Love love love ’em.

  3. How did I know Nyan Cat would save the day?  It may have been a substitute for actually writing OC, but I admit I lol’d.

    It’s not exactly a secret that the adult swim dudes are channers.  There were startled threads years ago the instant they used Courage Wolf in a station ID.

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