Baby pandas need a nap

Giant panda cubs lie in a crib at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu, Sichuan province September 26, 2011. (REUTERS/China Daily)


  1. I know that people demand unicorn chasers every time you post something horrifying, but does the reverse also apply? If you post something preposterously cute, are you then obliged to post something hideous as a chaser?

    “One animated steampunk diorama made of botfly-infested necrotic livers coming up …”

    Or doesn’t it work like that?

    1. If, like me, you get your Boing Boing through Google Reader, chances are you saw this, went “aww”, then scrolled down and saw that cat with the two faces. So pretty much, that’s how it’s worked for me.

  2. This is how China will conquer the western world.  While we’re supposed to be working busily and productively, we’ll now spend all day dying of cute and saying d’awww.

    Face it: our grizzly cubs ain’t got nothin’ on these.

  3. would it be considered perverse/fetishistic if I wanted to get nekkid, climb into that crib and commence some serious cuddling?

    1. Disturbing, but I think it falls under “perfectly normal”.

      I think there is a really interesting research possibility here. What kind of people aren’t at all interested in cuddling these absolutely adorable little itty bitty pandas? I even volunteer to the “normal” group which will of course be able to cuddle with these pandas… for research!

      1. Test them on the banksters, as i suspect sociopaths will have little to no reaction to the concentrated cuteness.

  4. Do you realize how tiny these are?? That’s a heating pad! On what looks like a changing table. I’m dying, here.

  5. If I had a friend, and this friend was a 41 year old man, and he looked at that panda picture and spontaneously began lactating, should my friend go see a doctor?

  6. I have no idea how those researchers get anything done. I’m surprised they don’t spend all day fawning over the darlings.

  7. Not only were the pandas lying there on Sept. 26, but someone took a picture of them *on the very same day*!

    1. Hear Hear them thar critters sure do deserve to be pointed at wit one of them fancy 24 hour interweb cameras

  8. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I need to squeeze them and then steal the fattest one till my brain stops saying ‘Awww’. SO FLUFFY!

  9. The problem is that what China is doing is using in vitro fertilization techniques on Panadas to help produce more populations for zoos and thus increase tourism.  They aren’t using this in any way to recover any wild populations.  They just want the rest of the world to see them as environmentally conscience when in reality they are anything but.  Increasing a captive population but simultaneously destroying the wild populations habitat is not helpful at all.  But yes they are adorable and I want to squish each one.  

  10. Habitat loss and fragmentation are the most pressing threats to the giant panda. Large areas of natural forest have been cleared for agriculture, timber and fuel wood.· Because of China’s dense human population, many panda populations are isolated in narrow belts of bamboo no more than 1,000-1,200 meters in width. Panda habitat is continuing to disappear as settlers push higher up the mountain slopes.· Across the panda’s range, habitat is fragmented into more than 20isolated patches. Within these patches, a network of nature reserves provides protection for more than half of the panda population. Because pandas cannot migrate between these far-flung habitat blocks, they have less flexibility to find new feeding areas during periodic bamboo die-off episodes.

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