Ice-cube molds shaped like penguins and polar bears standing on ice-bergs

Polar Ice []


12 Responses to “Ice-cube molds shaped like penguins and polar bears standing on ice-bergs”

  1. Lobster says:

    I remember polar bears.  And penguins.  And ice-bergs.

  2. Daniel says:

    I would probably throw down some cash on this immediately if it were available in the U.S.

  3. at 1500  yen / 20$ apiece  and the need to purchase at least 4 or 5 (are you planning to have a polar daiquiri session w/your frineds, or gulp ‘em down hermit-esque in silent admiration ?) , it’s cheaper to throw the money at some “save the poles” fundraiser.
    your choice: improve your drinks or your karma ;)

  4. Mitchell Glaser says:

    This is the first one of those “silly ice cube molds” that I would consider buying.

  5. CH says:

    Those are just beautiful! And actually pretty poignant, too. But mostly it’s the geek in me that is tickled pink (I want to try how stabile those ice cubes are!). So, I’ll take both of those and the Han Solo in Carbonite, please!

  6. kansas says:

    Yes. Want. Will pay.

  7. Textuality says:

    Someone buy a bunch and put em on ebay for me to buy.  My Japanese isn’t so good. ;)

  8. saunie says:

    I also would buy RIGHT NOW, am not able to correspond in Japanese.

  9. pebird says:

    I want one of these, but with Grandma on an ice flow.

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