Men and Motorcycles, Nairobi, Kenya (photo)


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  1. Kaffenated says:

    Sons Of Anarchy – Nairobi  Charter 

  2. jackbird says:

    Does “A strong enemy is better than a weak friend” actually make sense when viewed from some angle?  I can’t tell.

  3. pete_thedevguy says:

    @boingboing-3b012dcc460023b8be23f7af451e173f:disqus I think it does.  The idea is that fighting against someone strong will help you becoming stronger too.  It’s similar to Vonnegut’s idea of Dynamic Tension.

    On Dynamic Tension [ 47 ]
    “Papa” Monzano, he’s so very bad
     But without bad “Papa” I would be so sad;
    Because without “Papa’s” badness,
    Tell me, if you would,
    How could wicked old Bokonon
    Ever, ever look good?

  4. dragonfrog says:

    Those gentlemen sure are dressed warm – I didn’t realize it got particularly cold in Nairobi.

    I guess riding a motorcycle you get a bit more chill from the wind?

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      According to Wikipedia, the nighttime low is in the 50s year-round and the highest average high is only 78°.  Not exactly freezing, but nowhere near hot.  I’d be wearing longjohns.

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