Hunky librarian catalog to benefit It Gets Better Project

"Men of the Stacks" is a beefcake calendar featuring hunky librarians, with proceeds to the It Gets Better project.

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


      1. Do some digging on breast cancer charities, plenty of which exist solely to perpetuate themselves. I’m not saying IGB is such an animal. I’m just hoping it doesn’t become such an animal.

  1. Daamnn. I’d pay a lot of late fees to have him drop the book. Boing Boing really needs to have more softcore hipster porn.

  2. It doesn’t get better, just easier to deal with and more complicated, if you’re not murdered or commit suicide.

  3. Idea of the century! Libraries are seriously undervalued and under represented as the last remaining truly free centers of mass education.

    1. Well, it’s not commonly used for guys here either. I actually thought he might be trans and that was why the proceeds were going to It Gets Better (not that they need a reason to support GLBT causes, I just thought it would be cool if they were featuring a trans man), but from the description on the calendar site, I think he just had weird parents. His name is pronounced “Meegan.”

      1. yeah, I couldn’t find it as a male name anywhere.  Chalk it up to the my kid has to have unique name to make him special type parents.

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