Hunky librarian catalog to benefit It Gets Better Project

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  1. YES!  So proud to be a librarian.

  2. The Chemist says:

    Not that I’m against the sentiment, but am I the only one worried that “It Gets Better” is going to turn into another “awareness movement”?

  3. sincarne says:

    OB IT Crowd reference:

  4. SedanChair says:

    Do you think they told that guy he’d be the only naked man in the whole calendar?

  5. Private Private says:

    Daamnn. I’d pay a lot of late fees to have him drop the book. Boing Boing really needs to have more softcore hipster porn.

  6. Brainspore says:

    I’m not sure I want to know how that guy marks his place.

  7. robotnik says:

    Check out that… book!

  8. unit_1421 says:

    It doesn’t get better, just easier to deal with and more complicated, if you’re not murdered or commit suicide.

  9. Navin_Johnson says:

    “Book Worms”

  10. CharredBarn says:

    Is that a pop up book

  11. I wanna go to the library that has a daschund librarian. 

  12. BrianOman says:

    Idea of the century! Libraries are seriously undervalued and under represented as the last remaining truly free centers of mass education.

  13. BrianOman says:

    … and sexucation.

  14. Bezoomy says:

    Mr Novembers name is Megan?   Americans do weird things with boy/girl names.

    • finette says:

      Well, it’s not commonly used for guys here either. I actually thought he might be trans and that was why the proceeds were going to It Gets Better (not that they need a reason to support GLBT causes, I just thought it would be cool if they were featuring a trans man), but from the description on the calendar site, I think he just had weird parents. His name is pronounced “Meegan.”

      • Bezoomy says:

        yeah, I couldn’t find it as a male name anywhere.  Chalk it up to the my kid has to have unique name to make him special type parents.

  15. Alice Archer says:

    The story behind the calendar:

    It got turned down as a fundraiser for an anti-censorship charity.

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