Send a free get-well Postagram to Photojojo's Amit Gupta

Doc Pop shares the news that our mutual friend Amit Gupta (founder of the terrific online photography shop Photojojo, and lots of other cool photography-related projects) has been diagnosed with leukemia.

"There's a big push on the blogosphere to keep Amit's hospital room filled with postcards and we wanted to help out," Doc writes, "So we've created a special promo code to allow folks to send Amit a free get-well-soon Postagram."

Amit is cheered up by "colorful photos, pizza, crafty projects, and macaroni," Doc says, but mostly the dude just digs great photos. Do send him some JPEG love.

Update: The nice people at Soundcloud are doing something similar, to send audio messages to Amit (thanks, Drew Olanoff).

Amit, here's wishing you a speedy recovery from all of your pals at Boing Boing, and throughout the internet. Lots of love.


  1. Stay strong, Amit. I hope you have CML, because if so, Gleevec is a remarkable drug that saved my wife’s life and without many side effects. Check out the amazing support groups via the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society. They also offer cash help with the cost of medicine.

  2. Get well soon Amit. 
    Thanks to you I did the two Photojojo photowalks in SF. 
    Met a few interesting people and enjoyed photography. 
    Wish that you get well soon and consutinue spreading that photography lovin’ ..

    All th ebest !

  3. All the best and good luck!  There is an amazing new/experimental treatment (I think at Pen) using gene therapy which has shown great results. 

    Get well!!!! 

  4. I knew you from  Dave Morin’s link in Facebook today… I don’t think God is stingy to you, God gave you the magic photography, so I 100% believe he gave you the supernatural beings as well… I pray here for you! You will be fine!

  5. Hang in there, Amit! I love Photojojo and everything about it, you must be a fantastic person to have come up with it.

    (does anyone know how to register on that postagram site? I don’t want the app, I want to do it via the web, but there’s only a login option, no register)

    1. Sorry, you can only send Postagrams via the app. Is there a particular reason you don’t want to send it via the app (ie don’t have a phone that supports it)? If so, let us know. Thanks!

      1. Hey! Thanks for replying. I don’t have a phone that supports it. Also, even if I did, the photos I have online are much better than what I can take via my phone. 

        The page does say “No iPhone or Android? Send Instagram photos on the web” , which is…well, confusing, if you say I can’t do that anyway!

  6. hello amit……you don’t know me but after reading your situation i am compelled to write you this note. we are in a small community made smaller by people like you where we get to build, connect and know people we normally don’t even know or have the chance to see.  my mother also had a leukemia.  so hang on and believe that you can beat this sickness.  you can make it bro.

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