Another hit from NYPD's "Mace in the Face" cop, DI Anthony Bologna

This video, labelled as being recorded "moments after" NYPD DI Anthony Bologna's now-infamous unprovoked mace assault on four women at the Occupy Wall Street demonstration, shows the same office in another mace attack. How many before we can call it a rampage? How many before the NYPD admits that it's wrong and unacceptable?


    1. Somebody should call the cops on this guy

      Yeah, what we need is some kind of cops you can call when you’ve got a problem with the cops. We’ll call them the “meta-cops”. Then we’d know who watches the watchmen.

      Or would we? Hmmm, meta-meta-cops, meta-meta-meta-cops……

  1. Do you mean “how many more before he’s suspended on full pay while an investigation takes place which eventually concludes he was not at fault and he’s returned to duty unless he’s taken early retirement in the meantime”?

  2. i don’t think you guys get it. the authorities want there to be a bit of coverage of police brutality. not a lot, but just enough to put off the nice middle class people from joining the protesters on the streets. this officer would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to realise that there are dozens of mobile phone cams surrounding him. he is on ‘special’ duties.

    1. You know, it brings up an interesting tactic. Playing chicken with each other, prodding the other side. What is the opposite of what he’s doing? Protestors going outside the fences? Protestors going outside the fences only sometimes? Using megaphones, which they’re not supposed to do either? I mean, if the law is going to be flexible for this guy…but then again, maybe it’s best not to take the bait.

  3. This guy is a real asshole, even for a cop.

    While what he is doing is horrible, it actually gives me a little hope.  The fact that this dick has been caught, hunted down, and experienced a little citizen justice makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  You might not be able to get the police to actually prosecute this corrupt pieces of shit, but damn it all, us citizens can make his life miserable.  

    I would prefer that the legal system deal with this dick, but in the face of a corrupt blue wall of silence, it is good to know that vigilantes are there to do at least a little to keep these corrupt power hungry assholes in check.  After seeing the treatment this ass has gotten, I imagine cops are far more likely to think twice before macing a bunch of harmless hippies.

    The really funny thing about this is that these asshole tactics are counter productive to the goal of bringing about an end to protests.  I personally think that the protesters are directionless and have no clue what they want.  I think a protest to let people know that you are pissed without a reasonable and coherent demand is more or less pointless.  That said, seeing crap like this makes me a lot more likely to support and speak up for these folks.  The protesters get support, the police lose support, and it isn’t like anyone is going to be scared away from a protest because of a little pepper spray.  Sounds like a win for protesters to me.

    1. This guy is a real asshole, even for a cop.

      He’s trying to get early retirement. He was demoted from Captain a year or two ago and has multiple cases pending against him for his actions.

  4. Tony Baloney is a fricken maniac.  We need to put his rage to good use.  Send his ass to Mexico and let him take down all the narco-lords.

    1. Are you kidding? We’re tired of this boorish behavior and want to teach him some civility.

      The Mexican NarcoLords are armed and would make him soil himself before they decapitated him with the rusty lid from a can of beans in a Guadalajara garbage dump.

      I might think bullies like him don’t belong on the force, but I definitely wouldn’t do that to anybody.

      1. I think what Cowicide is suggesting is that Anthony Bologna would be more useful as a corpse than a living human being. I tend to agree.

        At the very least I want a video of him being maced. I suggest galvanised iron.

        1.  > At the very least I want a video of him being maced.

          This.  The person or persons who posted that video (hopefully very anonymously) would be Heroes of the Whole Internet.

  5. If someone bit into a hot pepper and a drop of juice hit him in the eye he’d have them in jail for assaulting an officer. Just another day in the police state.

  6. Thank GOD no one blew bubbles at this mother fucker or they would have to get the street sweepers out to clean up the hippie blood.

  7. Cory, you’re scheduled for NYC thirteen days from now. Join OCCUPY and more of us will be inclined to add to the ranks. You may not be a U.S. citizen, but nationality does not matter with this issue.

  8. It amazes me how the flesh-search-engine stitches together images and eyewitness testimony into making sense of what happened. The cops in Vancouver are still poring over public-submitted photos and video to identify rioters, and they’re struggling. They don’t have the power of the masses – captured events are evaluated by the person who witnessed them. We’re like millions of brain cells, talking to each other. It doesn’t work for the Man. I am loving this.

    You know, I wasn’t sure this kind of thing would have the same traction in a western democracy as it has in the middle east. But I’m starting to get the same vibe. If authorities do something dumb that sets people off, this could be interesting.

    I have a feeling the 21st century is going to be an increasingly difficult place for authorities to be assholes in. Perhaps the face being stamped on forever by a boot has a hat with a badge on it. In the name of democracy, let us all unite!

  9. If I was Tony, it’d be fuck “RETIREMENT” – I’d be selling everything I own, saying goodbye to everybody I’ve ever known and moving to a cave in Mogadishu, because if Anonymous are HALF as good as they say they are, they’ll be hounding that fuckwad to his grave, and beyond.

    Cell phones, internet, pension, credit cards – Forget all THAT. He’ll be lucky if some happy demon at A doesn’t alert Somali warlords that there’s a crazy old white bastard in the woods who likes to molest little black boys. Good fucking riddance.

  10. It’s his scampering away afterward that makes his scurrilous misdeeds so…what’s the word…Chickenshit?

    Yep: Chickenshit. Or is there a better word for said behavior that escapes me?

  11. What gets me is how nonchalant he is. Just spray and walk away. Spray and walk away. Even the other officers seem to be like, “wtf, brosef!”

  12. He uses his mace like bug spray. I can see him randomly walking around spraying. It is as if he isn’t even thinking any consequences of his actions.

  13. Tony Baloney rolled out of bed and he ran to the police station.
    Mama found out and began to shout and started the investigation.
    It was against the law.  It was against the law!  What the mama saw, it was against the law!

  14. He’s not on a rampage, he looks like he’s having fun, at other people’s expense.

    In south America, he’d be on a death squad torturing and then killing teenagers and children.

    He represents the casual abuse of power that makes for revolutions and war trials.

    Anthony Bologna has earned the personal appellation of PIG.

  15. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” Piling-on all this geeky blood-lust is pretty distasteful, as well.

  16. If the NYPD refuses to leash this pig, how long will it be before the citizens of New York take matters into their own hands?

    “Second Amendment Remedies” aren’t just for Teabaggers, and it would be a sad day for America if that should ever come to pass.

    1. The streets there are crawling with armed cops, so you’d get about 50 or so paranoid types with a license to open fire in a heavily crowded area with guns out, shooting at whoever looks threatening.

      So I  have to ask, where’s your brain?

  17. I’ve been to protests in the UK, and I know many police officers here and I’m familiar with their procedures etc etc

    It seems to me that your officers in America are very unprofessional. These officers are amongst the protestors but don’t seen to have any idea what they’re trying to do, they’re also very ill equipped, if anything turned violent, which given the level of aggression certain officers are demonstrating I wouldn’t be surprised at, many officers are going to get injured and hurt. At protests in the UK a lot of the officers on crowd control have helmets and shields. Kettling is a least a tactic which stops protestors moving and causing damage or intimidation to other people/areas, here the officers seem to be the ones trying to use intimidation to make the protestors give up. 
    The difference is also clear in traffic pursuits, a lot of the footage I’ve seen from the US looks like complete chaos, with officers deploying spike strips in the middle of the road, police vehicles getting in the way of each other, ramming vehicles regularly. Whereas in the UK only trained drivers are allowed to pursue vehicles, and typically only if they have a plan to safely stop the vehicle, eg with a TPAC, which is why cars rarely pursue suspects on motorbikes, and pursuits will be stopped if it’s dangerous. 
    And then contrast this with how professional SWAT seems in dynamic entries and their operations. 
    Do I have totally the wrong impression?

  18. Now that Bologna has been identified, it would be great if we could locate the people who were maced and urge them to press criminal charges on this bully.

    Of course, it would also be nice to see a police officer arrest the jerk but we all know that isn’t going to happen. And isn’t that the saddest part? Americans are afraid of our police. We all know that when the police abuse or murder the citizenry, the worst thing that will happen to them is that they will be rewarded with a paid vacation. We accept this because we know we can do nothing about it. Lawsuits are filed and nothing happens. We accept it because we LIVE in this broken police system and we all know the score. Americans are afraid of our police.

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