Halloween makeup lesson from a 5-year-old: how to be a cheetah


5 Responses to “Halloween makeup lesson from a 5-year-old: how to be a cheetah”

  1. Gunn says:

    I like the fact that (at age 5) she appears to be quite comfortably reading cue cards…. Way to go, Madison!

  2. MelSkunk says:

     Keep posting cute kids like that and then EVERYONE will want one

  3. Brainspore says:

    Well you all might think this is “cute,” but I think it’s sad that girls this young are already feeling pressure to meet the unrealistic body standards they see in glossy magazines like National Geographic and TV networks like Animal Planet. What’s going to happen to her self-esteem when she is old enough to realize she can’t compete with fleeter-footed felines?

  4. Teller says:

    Two words: Jocelyn Wildenstein.
    Okay two more words: B-spore fonny.

  5. David Kopelman says:

    I was turned off by all the car crashes and explosions. Wretched excess.

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