Mystery hit-and-run enema

A visually impaired man who'd recently undergone intestinal surgery answered the door to find a woman who announced that she was there to give him an enema. He complied, but later felt that there was something suspicious about the proceeding, so he called his doctor, who confirmed that no enema had been ordered in his case. His visual impairment is severe enough that he can't describe his assailant.

A day later, on Monday, the enema recipient began wondering about what had happened to him but took no action. By Tuesday, he felt compelled to shed some light on the experience, so he contacted police. An investigating officer promptly called the man's doctor and was told no enema had been prescribed, ordered or approved.

Sonoma police turned the case over to the domestic and sexual assault unit of the Sonoma Sheriff's Office who have yet to make sense of the caper.

(via Lowering the Bar)


  1. Intestinal surgery is not fun. Pulling a stunt like that isn’t just creepy, it could have been life-threatening.

    Also, shouldn’t that be “s**t-and-run”?

  2. Sounds almost exactly like the plot of Nip/Tuck S5E4 where “The Stooler sexually violates patients by posing as a proctologist.”

  3. There are worse ways of being cleaned out.

    Jokes aside, I would be interested to know if/how she knew he had had intestinal surgery.  Just an odd kwinky-dink?

  4. Presuming that the enema was seen to completion, wouldn’t that more accurately be described as a “shit-and-run”?

  5. “Intestinal” = Ambiguous. 
    Intestinal is can be and is defined as the open system between the mouth  and anus, sometimes refereed to as the  alimentary canal.

    “Surgery” = Ambiguous
    Major. Minor. Surgery refers only to physically altering any tissues of the body, it doesn’t have to be internal.  

    “His Doctor” = Ambiguous
    The surgeon? The attending? The ordering? The surgery center? The anesthesiologist? His P.C.P,? His G.I.?

    ‘Enema” = Ambiguous
    Based on the time period, it was a simple and harmless Fleet.

    I believe this was probably for some type of minor surgery that required some form of enema. Since the patient is blind, a visiting nurse was ordered. I believe someone got the date wrong and the nurse showed up on the wrong day. And, if it was “obvious” that he had surgery, she probably would have said, “Oh, I see you’ve already had the surgery, never mind”. And Sunday makes sense too, if the date was incorrect and set for Monday.

    More info please.

  6. SanDeE*: So, what do you think?

    Harris: I think it was a total washout.

    SanDeE*: God, it really clears out your head.

    Harris: Head? Head? You should go back in there and tell them they’re doing it wrong. Well, it was a great lunch and enema, thanks.

  7. Are we sure this story isn’t a hoax?  I’m finding it hard to believe that anyone, visually impaired or not, would allow a perfect stranger to administer an enema without asking some pointed questions about who sent her. 

  8. At least the door to door prostate exam people take up less of your valuable time.  I rarely find it worth the effort to argue with them, and it’s over and they are on their way in a minute or less.  This is a whole other matter.  Normally, the ends justify the memes, but not in this case.

  9. that’s like the guy in Canada a couple years back going door to door offering a free breast examination.  And a number of women complied.  He was eventually caught. Though I think the fact that he offered to do it absolutely free should have raised suspicions.

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