Obama: Trick the Bridesmaid

[Video Link] "Let's creep in the frozen aisle and think one thought: trick the bridesmaid to get her to take it off." I appreciate the work Bad Lip-Reading does to make politician's speeches bearable.


  1. “Reminds me of one dude in college who used to make goats tell time” .. just made me snort orange juice out my nose.

    1. Both are funny, but I think it’s just easier to do a Rick Perry impression than an Obama one (at least if your voice sounds like BLR’s).

  2. I’ll chime in as well that the Rick Perry video is spot-on, and way funnier than the Obama version (I haven’t cried from a video in a long while). Regardless of politics, the timing is just better with the Perry video.

    And incidentally… Bad Lip Reading’s videos are a nice counter to the McGurk Effect (self-link).

  3. You should check out thier “Russian Unicorn” and “Morning Dew” videos. They are amazing.

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