Occupy Wall Street spreads to more US cities

The "Occupy Wall Street" protests in New York City are inspiring similar demonstrations in other US cities. Above, in San Francisco on Thursday, protesters scuffle with a Charles Schwab employee at the door during a rally against corruption and fraud by American banking institutions.

Are there demonstrations in your area, Boing Boing readers? We're hearing of similar rumblings in Detroit, and other areas. Let us know what's happening where you are, in the comments.

(REUTERS/Stephen Lam)


  1. A group called Occupy Spokane has started up a protest. http://downtownspokane.kxly.com/news/community-spirit/60350-occupy-spokane-protesters-ordered-remove-tent-shelters 

  2. If this is gonna turn into liberals’ answer to the tea party, then we just need a mean-spirited, sexually suggestive slur for all the participants and we’re good. Since they’re occupying the street, how about “squatters”?

    1. Whoah, Kim Gordon, is that you for real? If so, big respect from a looonnnnnggggtime SY fan and thanks for reading! 

      (and if it’s an impostor wearing someone else’s internet clothing, you suck)

  3. The Occupy Austin (texas) meeting was INSANE, people all the way out the door! I’m sure things will be coming together here soon, especially since the Capitol building has such a nice lawn ;)

  4. It’s a little disturbing to see that among the protesters there are those carrying signs made by actual Communist groups (well, Workers World Party and Trotskyists).  It allows the protest to be marginalized (as wacky or astroturfed) in the same a way Teapartier might be if they carry a racist or “Americans For Progress” placard.

    1. I agree it’s a little disturbing, but when I was really into the anti-death penalty and antiwar movements there was always a strong communist component, and it never seemed like they managed to take over the events, either in reality or in the media portrayal. Likewise, a few years ago when I joined my local Ron Paul group I found it to be hosted by John Birchers, which seemed even more anachronistic than Trostkyites.

  5. There was an Occupy Overton Park here in Memphis today. Not sure how well it went -havent watched the news today.
    EDIT: I read about the assembly in Memphis’s newspaper, The Commercial Appeal. The event started about an hour ago. I don’t know much about the protest. From the bits and pieces I’ve seen on TV, I think the protests are about how the US’s “one percent,” the country’s most wealthy citizens, are taxed less proportionately compared to the rest of US taxpayers.
    Here’s the newspaper article I read about the protest. http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2011/sep/29/organizers-occupy-memphis-plan-overton-park-assemb/
    I tried reading the comments after the article to see what people are saying about the protest -they’re pretty bad. Most comments are pretty extreme and not very helpful.

  6. Time will tell if this will have any real, lasting effect. Buy your food, water, and ammo while it’s cheap.

  7. I’m fascinated by this movement.  What took us so long to mobilize?!  In every revolution, there is an event or events where the citizens simply say, “I have had enough!!!!” and fall out into the streets.   What were the events or circumstances that pushed people into occupying Wall Street? 

    I want to know, so we can hope to repeat such success. 

    1. 10 + years of senseless war, tolerated disasters (natural and man-made), FEMA, lack of information about radiation from Fukushima coming our way, 2008-present economic roller coaster, SMART PHONES…and then I guess anon happened? 

  8. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/09/30/1021705/-Occupy-Boston-pictures!

    Report from Occupy Boston with pictures.  Urban Life/Vide Urbana, a group that has been effectively organizing against mortgage chicanery and forced evictions for years now, was part of the group.  I’d like to see the occupations on the ground become zero emissions encampments and green job training sites, examples of how we can make renewables real power to the people:   http://www.dailykos.com/story/2009/11/10/802786/-Climate-Encampment-on-the-Boston-Common

  9. Hey Guys, we are a very important group from Finland and Sweden supporting you in Helsinki and Stockholm… THIS IS IN ALL THE WORLD… DON’T FEEL ALONE…

  10. Unless those are Charles Schwab customers trying to get in to see their advisers, this looks like bumrushing private property. Dislike.

    How do we feel if this were a Planned Parenthood clinic? A mosque?

  11. Hey y’all! Don’t forget Occupy Houston. Already been a couple of small get to know each other rallies at Market Square. Next event is scheduled for Oct sixth.

    I don’t expect a lot of people to show up. We burned out our rage on the KBR and Haliburton protests a few years back. But we Houstonians have about the most awesome history of protest ever. Maybe we can cook up something as creative as the Strange Demise of Jim Crow.


    We did it then and I hope we can be this awesome again.

  12. Is there a wiki of some sort associated with this movement for some of us sheeple out there? Their website is somewhat vague. I would like to know more about their goals, ideologies, targets, etc. Also… um why a Charles Schwab? I didn’t think they rank very high on the vile, shadowy puppetmaster institutions list.

  13. Two quotes immediately come to mind, Thomas Jefferson – “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing”, and Paddy Chayefsky via Howard Beale – “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore”.
    But then, there’s also another quote about “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”, and financial institutions were fully deregulated a decade ago, a tendency that started with Reagan and continues with Obama.  Over thirty years, and Rip Van Winkle finally wakes up, or is he just shifting position between snores?

  14. I saw protestors outside of Bank of America on Market St. in St. Louis yesterday. I think there were about 50 of them, the cops didn’t seem to be present.

  15. Wow, this photo of a bunch of aggressive males grappling with a lone female is pretty disturbing.

    While at these gatherings, can we please all remember that we must conduct ourselves in a professional and dignified manner. Please treat your fellow humans with respect and compassion. No one has the right to put their hands on another person or invade their personal space. Doing so is not only barbaric, inhumane and possibly illegal, it also undermines the point of these gatherings. If people insist on behaving like a savage mob, the movement is over.

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