Fully automatic Lego Gears of War rubberband assault rifle

Plumb B made this rubber-band-firing, full auto-capable chainsaw/assault rifle out of Lego, inspired by the Lancer Assault Rifle in Gears of War.

(via DVICE)


  1. This is a gorgeous piece of plastic engineering, but it appeared to me that very few standard Lego blocks were utilized in its construction.  I would therefore hesitate to call it a Lego gun.  Also, it appears to be semi-automatic, not fully automatic.  I didn’t watch the whole video as it was slow, dry and uninteresting after the initial reveal, but the demonstration of the “action” showed no fully automatic capabilities.  Am I wrong?  I couldn’t see spending eight minutes watching the entire thing.

    1. How can you call it ‘not Lego’? The only non-Lego parts I could see were the rubber bands. If you’d skipped ahead in the video, you’d have seen a section where he shows it disassembled.

      It’s all Lego.

    2. Moving the selector all the way down makes it fire all the bands at once.

      As far as Technic goes there was hardly any non-standard pieces used and Lego Technic is still Lego.

  2. This kid(?) needs to pursue a career in Engineering. Interchangeable, multi-shot magazines? That’s pretty impressive.

  3. I read the Youtube title as Lego Cancer Assault Rifle. I guess I’ve heard too much dying from cancer recently. If only we could invent a gun for that.

  4. Awesome! Finally an explanation for why the Lancer is so damn big. Yes, it is all Lego. And the no-talking demo is also a cool Lego thing, like the games. Sure beats most of the youtoob long winded b.s. Win.

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