Simpsons intro by John K.

The sofa sequence in last night's Simpsons episode was created by Happy Mutant John Kricfalusi! Love it.

(via Super Punch)


    1. It’s so true, and it seems to be a fairly new phenomenon: up until maybe a year ago, most video was a straight up copy. Too much closed-loop HDMI with no analog to record into youtube or whatnow?

  1. The newly posted version  here doesn’t have the original audio. The old version was a better choice, I think.

  2. One of the greatest animators ever, period… and certainly one of the hardest working in the field who still understands it as the craft that it is. 

    John Kricfalusi was a character designer for the seminal Galaxy High (Aimee Brightower and his Animated Bjork video are pretty much how I lost my innocence)

  3. Seems like John K’s style didn’t survive the jump to computer animation.  The herky-jerky nature of the animation has been replaced with a fluidity that’s hard to watch, and the sight gags aren’t timed or framed well.

    What a shame.

    1. That’s not a result of working digitally. Its a reflection of the type of animation techniques he’s interested in now. It’s less about pose-to-pose extreme reactions and more experimenting with the inbetweens. It’s actually addressed in the behind the scenes interview at Cartoon Brew. 

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