Charming song about Lego

Do enjoy the lead single from USL's latest album, "Build Motherfucker!" (Thanks, Joel)


  1. Gesh.  Sitting here with my five-year old son.  I see “Charming song about Lego” and think sweet.  I click on the video, kick back in my computer chair and throw my hands back over my head.  A few seconds later I’m lunging for the mouse to close the tab.  Ehh Boing Boing… come on.

  2. In accordance with Mr/Ms string plucker above, didn’t motherfucker used to be just about the worst thing you could possibly call someone?  Not charming.

  3. The album was stated to be titled “Build Motherfucker”, so it wasn’t TOTALLY out of left field, but “charming is still kind of a long shot :P

    I will credit them for managing to get stuck in my head though.  Kudos, I suppose, but it’s really rather sad.

  4. As a lifelong, diehard fan of “the brick” ( is my company) I found this quite disappointing. As Henry Gomersall stated above, completely barren of any redeeming musical quality. :(

  5. I’m gonna have my 9 yr old do a youtube song comment that will be sooo much better… & without the cursing…  He’s a lego FIEND :)

  6. I just did some further reading, and was rather pleased to hear the USL stood for “Ultra Sex Laser”.  I don’t know about all y’all, but those were the exact three words that shot through my head the moment that atonal droning kicked in over the muffled bubbly synth tones.

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