David Lynch's solo album

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The inimitable David Lynch is releasing his first solo album on November 7. The title track, "Crazy Clown Time," can be heard at left. It's quirky, dark, and strange. Does that surprise you? Didn't think so. David Lynch


  1. I wonder still what Return of the Jedi would have been under his helm. Hey !  We got Dune though…

  2. Sounds like Neil Young on bad acid trip.At first I thought the vocal ruined some otherwise cool instrumentals, but by the end I found it strangely compelling. Listened a few more times.

  3. I certainly hope Lynch understands and appreciates how lucky he is to have such excellent hair at his age.

  4. It’s Crazy Clown Time, obviously. If you would have let me guess who it was, I would have said Butthole Surfers.

    Oh well, i think Lynch and Gibby have a few things in common. They’re both true American surrealists and true masters of trollcraft. Two of the scariest clowns around.

  5. It’s even more incomprehensible than his movies!

    Actually, I tend to enjoy music that’s edgy, experimental and explorative. This is none of that. I’m hearing nothing here that hasn’t been done by others (and better at that). He just comes off sounding pedestrian and derivative.

    EDIT: and this comes from someone whose young mind was blown away by Blue Velvet. I like David Lynch and respect him as a film maker, just not so much as a musical artist.

  6. Sounds like he was trying to channel Nick Cave’s “From her to Eternity”
    …bet some Tom Waits stuff will be channeled next
    …wish David Lynch had stuck to his ringtones…loved those

  7. I’m a big fan of David Lynch’s films, and I really like the Pixies’ cover of “In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song),” but this hasn’t convinced me I should buy his solo album. On the other hand, it hasn’t convinced me that I shouldn’t.

  8. Dear Boing Boing,

    Can you please fix the David Lynch song link.  I eagerly clicked left as instructed, only to find that the link had somehow mashed up with the previous Bad Lip Reading link.

  9. It’s only called a solo album if the artist was known for being part of a band previously.  Thus
    Jeff Tweedy can have a solo album, William Shatner can’t.  Tweedy, Shatner and Lynch can start a band together, call themselves the Trekking Wilcoburys, and that would be awesome.

  10. Loved the music, commented to my fiancee that I could get behind this… then some sort of caterwauling came along to ruin it. Sonuva…

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