Goofus and Gallant's crude wristwatches


A highlight from Mitch O'Connell's blog.


  1. I’m impressed at the chutzpah and moxie displayed by marketers who thought of charging louts between $49 and $99 (in what I assume are mid-1970s dollars) for what amounts to a single-woman-repelling field.

    1. Meh, no thanks… I would much rather have the reliability of electric instead of the fickleness of a 2 cycle blender.

  2. the utility of this watch could be improved if it had a cycle of messages: “where’s my bourbon?”, “heineken? fuck that!”, “don’t you fucking look at me!”, “it’s Daddy, you shithead!”, &c.

  3. I now realize it’s a printing / scanning artifact but i spent about 30 seconds staring at the ad on the right trying to figure out if the chick was hairy or if it was a dude wearing lacy briefs. 

  4. Loved the hunt & seek pictures in Highlight Magazine. Despised the Goofus & Gallant propaganda they had. And ahem, remember this ad from my step-dad’s stash of magazines.

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