One-legged woman's Hallowe'en costume

An unnamed one-legged woman conceived of this terrific Christmas Story lamp costume for Hallowe'en.


    1. Before making grammar corrections, you might want to do a bit of research.  The apostrophe is acceptable, as the word Halloween (or Hallowe-en) is a shortening of All-Hallows-Even.

    2. The apostrophe’d version is an alternate spelling: and

    3. You forgot the period at the end of your sentence.

      Hey, I figure if someone is going to (incorrectly) bash someone’s grammar, I might as well point out their lack of punctuation.

  1. Strange But True:

    The Leg Lamp was a premium / promotion for Nehi (knee-high) soda. Which was available in my neighborhood one summer. Blue cream! Pineapple! Lovely sweet crap.

  2. I also have a friend with one leg.   Unfortunately, his big hairy leg would never look as good as this girl’s leg in fishnets.  

  3. Actually, both are acceptable usage: “fishnet tights”, but also “a pair of fishnets”. Might be a British/American English thing though.

    Grammar pedantry is fun!

  4. This is ME!!!! Not sure I like being categorized as a Happy Mutant…(but seeing that Boing Boing is a trademark of Happy Mutants LLC, I guess I’m in good company!)

  5. Next year she should dress up as a bowling alley.

    Oh, and I believe it’s spelled “MALLAFINGA!”

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