1000-piece stick bomb video

[Video Link] This stick bomb, which winds through a house, is a thing of beauty. I like this YouTube comment: "I just reported this to the Improper Use of Magic Office over at the Ministry of Magic. Have fun going to Azkaban."

From Wikipedia:

A stick bomb is a mechanical spring-loaded device constructed out of flat sticks woven together under tension. Other names for stick bombs include Chinese stick puzzles, and frame bombs.

Simple stick bombs made out of four, five, or six sticks have been known to schoolchildren for ages. They were often known as ‘Chinese stick puzzles’ which indicates a possible origin for the devices. In the early 2000s, new methods for creating stick bombs of limitless size were developed.

Cynical-C: Stick Bombs


  1. I was impressed that they could make it all happen in reverse, as well. Sure saves on clean up time.

  2. hah, awesome. As a lad I used to make little “popsicle-stick bombs” all the time, it never occurred to me that you could make a chain like that.

  3. This sorta thing was on America’s Got Talent (The Kinetic King).   It blew up in his face, the poor guy.  

      1. He was invited back, and he kicked ass.  I saw it on TV and it was hard to watch … nice guy though, I’m glad they brought him back.

  4. How the hell wasn’t I aware of stick bombs when I was a kid?  What else am I not aware of?  This is one of those entries that leaves me angry at the world for keeping these secrets from me for so long.  

    1. You’re not the only one that’s not aware of this.  Thank you BOing Boing for informing us of these important secrets.

  5. Shenanigans! I counted! There’s only 990 sticks!!!!

    /just kidding.
    /freakin’ cool.
    /my kids would never make it past stick #4

  6. Congrats on raising kids with attention spans long enough to construct that thing.

    This is so cool. I can’t believe I had never see these before.

  7. Seriously awesome parents there! Mine would never have let me make a mess like that – Take it outside, I’m watching my soaps!

  8. We made stick bombs, and then graduated to Popsicle stick switchblades, with the addition of a couple of rubber bands. It only took a minute or two to sharpen one end of a Popsicle stick by rubbing it on the playground blacktop.

  9. beats the hell out of the paper-clip jumper things we used to waste valuable class time meticulously lining up, setting, and then tripping ad infinitum.  WHERE WERE YOU IN 1986, INTERNET!!  I could have been using my powers for awesome instead of for dumb!

  10. “They were often known as ‘Chinese stick puzzles’ which indicates a possible origin for the devices.”

    Western illusions and magic tricks have been billed as “Chinese” for decades or centuries to make them sound exotic. Not a very strong indication of the origin.

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