Hitler is Angry About the iPhone 4S

[Video Link] This one is inspired. (Via Cynical-C)


  1. I’m pretty sure he just defined the “real” reasons people want a new iPhone 5, not an updated 4.

  2. Odd that, after putting a bullet through his head, Hitler has found renewed vigor as the web’s top tech product reviewer. 

    1. There’s a convenient function on your mouse that I just discovered myself.

      Apparently if you don’t click your finger down on the button (when the cursor is in just the right place), it doesn’t open the goddamned video.

    2. Nah get stuffed. They seem to get better. This one just cut me up. Lemonparty, heh heh heh. Its the Hitler biopic clip that keeps on giving.

  3. Is this the first time that anyone’s used the spit line?  It seems so obvious, but it’s hilarious.

    Oh, and Rick N,

    Tell the guy holding the gun to your head to make you watch this that he has my permission to pull the trigger.

  4. When you’ve seen plenty of these they’re like Dinosaur Comics; complaining about “oh not this again” is kind of silly unless the particular execution was flawed.
    To put it another way, the joke is not the meme itself. Unlike most memes, frankly.

  5. Don’t these things automatically Godwin themselves or is there a sub-clause to the law I’m not aware of?

    1. There is: “It’s ok to make fun of Hitler and/or the Nazis.”

      Actuallly, it’s quite important, ’cause it demystifies them.
      That and Hitler wanted to be remembered as a “Great Person”, so no better way to work against his wishes than to ridicule him ;)

  6. I want magic!  

    Brilliant.  As an Apple user for 15 years now, I have a ‘difficult’ relationship with how much energy they have put into  the whoring of ‘wants’ into ‘needs’.

    What if they’d decided,  fuck it let’s just call it the iPhone 5!   Maybe bring back the translucent iMac style casing, with different colour options and special prices for particular shades…

  7. I’ve seen a Downfall video with Hitler’s complaining about Downfall videos. But is there a Downfall video with Hitler complaining about people complaining about Downfall videos?

  8. This is just a request.

    Could this not be up right now. I realize that most of us didn’t know Jobs personally, but this is in poor taste. Just wait until tomorrow.

    Again, just a request.

    1. I don’t get what the problem is. It actually paints a fond portrait of Steve Jobs. Irreverent yeah, but I’m not feeling the squick.

    2. It should also be noted that, if I’m getting the times right, this was posted several hours before his death was announced.

      Just an unfortunate coincidence.

      1. I like the reference to “this would never have happend under Steve”, I think it pays a great unintentional compliment considering what has happend.

  9. I don’t have a problem with another Hitler vid…but this was pretty weak to me.  Maybe you have to be really into the tech blogs or Apple to have tears rolling down your cheeks as some posters did.  I’ve seen other Hitler vids that seemed much funnier or on-point than this, IMHO.

  10. I’ve seen a few of these now, and this has been one of the funniest. I really had tears in my eyes. I don’t get tired of them, and sorry, they really don’t devalue the evils of Nazism. The first one I ever saw was aimed specifically at a cycling forum I use, and was hysterical because of the specific references to people on there. This does the same, a nice affectionate
    reference to Steve, and a nice pointed jibe at those who are only interested in looking cool because they have the latest toy. Brilliant, and thank you for posting it.

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