Interactive map of Occupy Wall Street protests

Mother Jones is maintaining an interactive map of "Occupy" protests around the US, and beyond. That little lonely red dot in the Pacific is a demonstration in Hilo, Hawaii! If you know of others, tell them: "Send a link to a news article or blog posts to traja [at] motherjones [dot] com or @tasneemraja."

You can find more information about demonstration gatherings at the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together websites, the "official" sites for this movement. The latter shows more than 300 Occupy meetups in cities around the world.

(thanks, Michael Mechanic)


  1. Oh good, they already have the one that took place where I live. One of the reasons I’m going to miss living in a college town should I move after I graduate. Yay Amherst.

  2. What’s up with Dallas and Ft. Worth? Come on y’all, get with the program.

    Reminds me why I never go there. I hope to see some BB readers at Market Square in Houston tomorrow morning. If you’re late just come to Chase Tower or Hermann Square.

    1. Hi. There’s an Occupy Dallas march today at the Federal Reserve. MJ just didn’t bother putting it into their map. But hey, go on bashing people in Dallas if it makes you feel better about living in Texas to think of one of the other craptastic cities here as superior (hint: I’ve lived in them all)

      1. Well, except for El Paso, which is probably the most unique of the big cities. But honestly, there’s not really a big difference between Austin, Houston, Dallas, or San An. SOS, with a little different smell. Austin used to be the best. Not so much these days. 

  3. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Ghandi (disputed)

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