Visit the Unicorn Museum

Briefly mentioned on BoingBoing back in 2007, The Unicorn Museum is a spot-on (and Biblically correct!) parody of the Creation Museum. This photoshopped billboard kind of makes me wish it were a real place.

Hopefully, this makes up for the bladder stone surgery.


  1. One of my favorite times in prehistory when wild packs of these majestic creatures roamed the earth.

  2. For what it’s worth, the passage in question reads ‘unicorn’ in the King James Version (due to the translator’s lack of a better suited word at the time) and not in original Hebrew text or subsequent translations. Internet Bible Fight, I’m sure.

    Fun site, though.

  3. Science allows us to ponder the notion of dimensions beyond the 3 to 4 we are aware of, distance solar systems, and billion year old iterations of animals currently living today, but a horse with a single horn, that has historical context in most the world, never existed because we haven’t found it’s fossils? Most versions of the bible say wild-ox. A direct translation can be difficult for a couple thousand year old document. 

    Sarcasm and cynicism are not the greatest attributes of forward thinking minds.  

  4. Call me an unicorn agnostic. The unicorn believers have to provide some evidence (like fossils) until I start believing in them. I can’t prove a negative. Currently, the evidence for the existence of unicorns is pretty thin. That’s not sarcastic, that’s the scientific method.
    Edit: that was supposed to be a reply to rCoyle. Click got lost.


    A priest has been summoned for a meeting with the archbishop. He’s
    ushered into the archbishop’s office, and the archbishop tells him that
    there’s a conference at the Vatican the next week, and that he wants him
    to go there and represent their archdiocese at the conference. He also
    tells him that he’s going to get to meet the pope. So the priest is very
    excited and honored, and the next week, he flies to Rome. When he gets
    there, he goes and rents a car and starts driving to the Vatican. He’s
    driving along a deserted stretch of autostrada when a unicorn comes
    bounding out of the woods, and—BAM!—the priest smashes his car right
    into the unicorn. The dazed priest slowly gets out of the mangled Fiat
    and goes over to where the unicorn’s lying. He stands there for a second
    in disbelief, marveling at the beauty of the dying creature. Then he
    notices that it seems as if the unicorn is trying to speak, so he gets
    down and cradles its head in his arms and leans in to listen. The
    unicorn turns his eyes toward the priest and, with his dying breath,
    says, “All my life, I never got to do what I wanted.”

    1. The Mother Superior and a novice nun are driving down a desolate road during a severe thunderstorm. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning strikes the road in front of them; the tarmac is split asunder, thus allowing Satan and his minions to leap out of the ground, the Devil himself landing on the hood of the car. The novice asks “What shall we do?” to which the Mother Superior calmly replies “Show him your cross dear, show him your cross.” So the novice leans out the window and yells “Hey asshole, get off the car”.  

  6. I would visit, but there would need to be bottled rainbows and magic sparkles in the gift shop.

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