Man undergoes extensive plastic surgery to look like Superman

A Filipino man named Herbert Chavez has undergone extensive surgery to make himself look like Superman: a nose job, a chin implant, collagen in his lips, and (randomly) hip implants.

Pinoy goes under knife to look like Superman

(via Neatorama)


  1. In Japan, they use the word “hip” instead of “butt”. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same in the Philippines — it would make more sense for him to have gotten a butt implant to have an ass worthy of superman.

  2. If that’s what he wants to look like, that’s what he wants to look like.

    If he’s married, wonder if he’s pressuring his wife to go under the knife to look like lois lane?

  3. He should’ve chosen Batman.  He has a mask so he could look like anyone.  Much cheaper surgery bill.

  4. That is some dedication. He has a pretty nice collection. I am surprised his costume isn’t a perfect 10.

    The video also shows something I love when hearing other languages; when they hit a word that is non-translatable and they use the English word.

    In the video an example is, “Yadda yadda yadda yadda Superhero.” Or like my Polish Mil, “Yadda yadda yadda blue jeans.”

    1. I think it’s kind of a feature of their language. Did you notice they use English numbers when naming years? AFAIK numbers are not non-translatable. Moreover, at the beginning of the video they clearly say “treinta y cinco años” (Spanish for “35 years”). Perhaps they were talking about his age…?
      Very interesting language, indeed.

      1. It’s standard to write/type arabic numerals (1,2,3) instead of writing numbers in Asian scripts, though they all have their own symbols. This naturally creeps into the spoken language as well, but some places more than others.

        And of course, the Philippines were initially colonized by the Spanish, and then were a US territory until after WWII which certainly explains the English spoken, though if they’re actually using Spanish that’s a little surprising. I know a lot of Filipinos here in California, but I’m not that familiar with the country itself.

  5. This is pretty outrageous, but not really more outrageous than having plastic surgery to [attempt, with varying degrees of success, to] look like any other famous figure, 20+ years younger, like someone of a different ethnic heritage, or any other reason people have elective plastic surgery. At least he picked a classy character.

  6. Well, I totally don’t relate to this guy’s plans, but at least he seems to have found a competent surgeon.  That’s the kind of thing that can so so horribly horribly wrong, and I think that the more significant the change, the more likely it’s going to go to hell.

    anyway. . .  happy it worked out for this guy.  Hope he’s happy with it.

      1. Who cares about the money? It’s his! He can do what he wants with it. You can say that about every human behavior that deals with money could be a selfish act for the recipients.

        If you want to be a monk or martyr wurh yours, go right ahead!

  7. I don’t discriminate, if he wants his face to look supermanish, that’s his choice.

    The part I don’t get is – why hip implants!?!?!

    Can’t he have just done some squats?

    1. The Philippines was a commonwealth of the United States during the golden era of comics (including the first appearance of Superman).

  8. When he starts carving up his Irish Setter to look more like Jimmy Olsen, that’s when I think we can agree that this guy actually has a problem.

  9. Doc, I’d like my hip implants to be as random as possible.  Roll the dice and sharpen your scalpel.  I’m ready.

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