Brain carved out of a watermelon

Redditor TheHerferd carved this brain out of the rind of a watermelon using a potato peeler and a paring knife. The project took less than an hour and looks great.

We've posted about this before: here's a tutorial on making a similar brain, from 2008.

(via Neatorama)


  1. The esteemed sculptor of this masterpiece also has a fine taste in periodicals, evident by his subscription to “Eek”ly magazine.

  2. Now that’s fairly frickin’ cool.

    Next, use it to make a mold, then use the mold to make one out of Jell-O.  Then you could prod it so it pulsates.

    Not sure if Jell-O would hold its shape for something as large as a watermelon, though.  How would you make it hang together?  Can you buy extra-strength (extra-gelatin) Jell-O? Maybe just leave out some of the water.

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