Epic family zombie-slaying portrait shoot

A crafty family decided to do a series of portraits while dressed in improvised body-armor from a notional post-zombpocalyptic world. I love this little girl's zombie-hunting outfit!

When your dear significant other asks you for a family portrait that includes Post Apocalypse zombie slaying, well of course you just smile, nod, and say yes!

ChainCrafts got lucky, his wife requested exactly that for her birthday. Jumping at the opportunity, he used his crafty skills to create armor for his family from upcycled hubcaps, railroad crossing sign, soda tabs, strips of stainless steel, various bits of sports equipment, jump rings, and aluminum from duct parts.

(via Craft)

(Photo: BAKAN photography)


  1. Hiya! Thanks for kind words. I’m the silly creator of the armor in the pic. The little one is my 6 year old daughter with her friend, who’s name is “Bear”.

    If you’d like to see more images from this shoot, they can be found here: http://chaincrafts.blogspot.com/

    Also, some of the armor from the shoot is currently available in my store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ChainCrafts

    (the kid’s armor isn’t for sale. My little ones wanted to keep it in case zombies show up ;) )

  2. This family is well-known in the local community for their rampant badassery and awesomeness.  I’m tickled to see them on BoingBoing!

    1. That’s what the bear wants you to think, get lulled into ignoring it, then tiny furious furry paws of rending death.   

  3. That looks awesome and really fun!

    But – I want to get serious for a moment here. When the zombies come, most of these outfits are not going to be your best bet. You need something thick, close to the skin, and completely covering you.

    Probably your best bet is leather or  street bike gear made of tough material like cordura. Head down to your local Harley dealer or motorcycle dealer. The leather and street bike armor are made to protect you from road rash, cuts, and scrapes. A full jacket and pants ensemble with steel toed boots and leather gloves are going to be a great zombie fighting uniform. Add a full helmet with a chin strap and you are going to be mostly protected from claws and bites.

    Thick denim or canvas would be my 2nd choice. Again, you want head to toe coverings. If you have something like a denim shirt, use duct tape to wrap around the sleeves and anywhere there is loose material for something to grab onto. You may want to duct tape ankles, especially without boots, and gloves onto hands. You really need head protection – so make do with what you can find.

    Sports armor and the like aren’t a bad idea, but will be of little use if the rest of you is exposed. Again, try to tape down what you can to make it harder to grab onto.

    Well fitting chain mail, as pictured , would be great too, but this is something you won’t be able to find after the fact, and something that needs to be pre-made.  Of course, you will look great at ren faires if you go this route.

    Sooo – stay safe, and remember to aim for the head!

    1. I’m not worried about zombies stepping on my toes, but snacking on my soft bits. Keep the chain mail.

      1. You can’t run too fast if your toes/feet get hurt. There are all sorts of dangers out there. That and you are going to have a lot better luck kicking a dent into a cranium than with regular shoes/boots. This may not be a “must have”, but a highly recommend.

  4. It’ll make a difference if you’re up against Romeroesque shuffling zombies or the recent 21st century ass-hauling types.  Heavier armor against the first, lightweight maneuverability (coupled with plenty of cardio training) against the second.

    Know your enemy!

  5. the pink boots and teddy bear really make the outfit…these are SOOOO much fun…any chance you are looking to adopt a 42 year old? :)

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