Photos of people being terrified in a spook house


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  1. CharredBarn says:

    Great picture. At first I thought those ladies were supposed to BE the scary part.

  2. irksome says:

    Off-camera voice: “Sarah Palin IS running for President!”

  3. grandmapucker says:

    This one filters it down to just bros, which has a lot of bang for the buck, and bros hugging bros

    • Timothy Krause says:

      One can imagine the men screaming, “We’re looking into an alternative universe in which heteronormativity is recognized as just another gender construction! NOOOOOOO!!!!”

      a dark maze populated by bored locals with night-vision scopes who whisper menacingly in your ear or touch you unexpectedly.

      I LOL’d heartily at this, much thanks!

  4. ElJefe Simeonidis says:

    1. Follow the flickr link above.
    2. Select a picture by clicking on it, and click on it again to bring up slideshow mode.
    3. Press play (small triangle at top of the site).
    4. Try not to ruin your pants at work.

    I haven’t laughed like this in a long time. I hope my co-workers don’t think I’m crying on my lunch break.

    • TimmoWarner says:

      Watching this in full screen slide show mode increased the entertainment value immensely!


    • Donald Petersen says:

      Wow, that slideshow is genuinely epic.  They should be playing it outside the venue, right next to the ticket booth, a la Splash Mountain!

      Whatever everyone’s looking at, it’s hugely successful.  There are some seriously pants-soiling reactions included here.  I may keep this slideshow running all day long!

  5. Bobdotcom says:

    I’d love to know what they’re looking at.

    • Layne says:

      Agreed – endlessly entertaining. 
      I wonder what the scare really was at this point of the house. Aside from something with a bright strobe to capture people… Fear is poking these people in the brain and inviting us to cackle at their involuntary reactions.

    • tziup says:

      At Nightmares you walk in total darkness and are told to “follow the red light.” There are sudden sounds, blasts of air and skeletons lit for a split second. They are probably not looking at anything.

      I find it kind of dull but for some reason girls really like to get into it and will scream and cling to the nearest available guy so it’s kinda fun overall ;-).

      @JPW: Downtown Niagara Falls, ON isn’t any better; downright scary late at night to be honest. (Nightmares is in Clifton Hill, as are pretty much all of the touristy establishments).

      • Navin_Johnson says:

        I find it kind of dull but for some reason girls really like to get into it and will scream and cling to the nearest available guy so it’s kinda fun overall ;-).

        What I love about these photos though, is that they show every kind of person looking terrified, from little girls to tattooed muscle shirt doods and jocks. 

      • penguinchris says:

        As a Buffalo local – Niagara Falls ON may be a bit of a shit-hole, but it’s 10x better than right across the border in NY. It’s very Times Square/generic tourist spot, which are never particularly scary places to be, unless it’s the banality that’s scaring you.

        Of course, if you venture away from the falls itself and the tourist trap streets, then yeah, it’s bad – still not as bad as Niagara Falls NY, though :)

        Also, on the weekends especially a large percentage of people in the Clifton Hill area are 19 & 20 year olds from Buffalo who cross the border to go to the bars there (drinking age is 19) – so a pretty embarrassing crowd, and I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the people in these photos are from that group :)

        There’s a great haunted house at Universal Studios in Burbank; it uses all of the Universal movie monsters and quite elaborate sets including a mad scientist’s lair with working jacob’s ladders and so on.

        • tziup says:

          Talking about downtown Niagara Falls, ON, not Clifton Hill (tourist area). Walked there at night and was asked by sleazy middle-aged Americans if I wanted to “have fun” and was warned by others that I shouldn’t be walking there.

          Kind of sad, really. They are trying to revive it but there isn’t much of an economy there.

          • penguinchris says:

            Ah, yeah, it’s bad, as is most of southern Ontario once you leave the Toronto area. But I will still maintain that Niagara Falls, NY is worse :)

          • Jardine says:

            Ah, yeah, it’s bad, as is most of southern Ontario once you leave the Toronto area.

            lolwut? Is southern Ontario some kind of Mad Max world to you with bands of roving crazies?

          • tziup says:

            In case he was talking about the area south of Toronto/Lake Ontario: suburbia with really long commutes to Toronto is more like it. Thousands of people as far away as St. Catharines commute to Toronto.

  6. bcsizemo says:

    I’m not sure if it’s bad that I’ve already seen these….on 4chan as a reaction image to /fit/’s meme of “curling in the squat rack.”

    *sigh* I need to spend less time on the internets.

  7. Frank Diekman says:

    It’s like Scoobie Doo in real life. I imagine that after each photo was taken, these people started running such that they were always in the center of the camera frame and the same background kept scrolling past them.

  8. SamSam says:

    Oh, my: this is now my favorite all-time photo.

    Human centipede..?

    • naam says:

      Yeah, what’s with all the huddle-trains! Is this customary in scare-places amongst humans?

      Incredibly entertaining photostream, al those little stories, I can’t look away. Utter terror, and still giddy for it. People are weird.

  9. JPW says:

    Cory: Are you sure this photo wasn’t simply taken on the deserted streets of Niagara Falls, USA? You know, the bulk of the downtown core upon which the NYC-based landowners have gone vegetative. In more ways than one.

  10. mtdna says:

    A lot of them look suspiciously like they’re having orgasms…

  11. e smith says:

    the photos where interesting.. the comments on the flickr stream where well beyond idiotic. Lot of racist, homophobic  stuff.

  12. Darwindr says:

    According to reddit commentators, they were walking down a pitch-black hall (following little red LED lights as mentioned above) and were suddenly startled by what appeared to be an out of control car about to run them over with bright headlights and a loud, sudden horn.

    Enough to scare just about anyone, I’d say!

  13. Tyler Atnip says:

    I want to see what exactly they’re being scared of because they’re all apparently viewing the same thing!

  14. Thax says:

    There is trend in these photos of young men using their lady friends as shields as they freak out.  Nice chivalry, guys.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      There is trend in these photos of young men using their lady friends as shields as they freak out.

      Maybe they grew up watching this.

  15. Donald Petersen says:

    Man, they’re doing the Lord’s work here.  This is great, great stuff.  I used to run a spook house outside of San Diego for a dozen years or so, and our (mostly kidding) motto was “Bring ‘em in laughing, send ‘em out crying.”  Ahhh… I miss it so.  Can’t wait till my kids grow up enough to get bored with the trick-or-treating and want to help Daddy scare other kids instead!

    Picture # 0038 would make one hell of a boy band.

  16. blueelm says:

    OMG those are priceless!

  17. Godfree says:

    Those are a scream! Wonderful, primal expressions going on. I loved the hide-behind-the-girlfriend angle, but I think it’s just that whoever’s behind clutches whoever’s in front.

  18. Rootboy says:

    I remember going to one of these things when I was about 15, I think on the Jersey Shore somewhere, and laughing my ass off through the whole thing – I thought it was great. Plus there were like 3 terrified girls, completel strangers, who grabbed onto my shirt they were so scared. I tell you, when I was 15 it was the best night of my life.

  19. noah django says:

    a buddy emailed me the flickr link earlier today.  of the many reactions I captured, this is probably my favorite

  20. mat catastrophe says:

    This is almost as full of win as Cliff Yablonski Hates You. And that’s a lot of win.

  21. Terry Border says:

    Talking to a friend yesterday, and he came up with the idea of selling these photos to the people after they leave the place, like theme parks do when they take pics of you riding a roller coaster.

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