Remembering Steve Jobs: how those who covered his life observed his death.


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  1. “Mullets & Mainframes” should be a mid-season replacement TV series, set in the fantastic year 1981.

    • Ari B. says:

      Alternately, Mullets & Mainframes sounds like the sort of role playing game that people living in a Fantasy universe would play. They’d pretend to be us, from the 1980s…

  2. ambiguator says:

    Given the outpouring of nostalgia for Jobs, allow me to recommend Mike Daisey’s clear and level opinion piece in today’s Times, “Steve Jobs, Enemy of Nostalgia”:

  3. LinkMan says:

    Walt Mossberg wrote about some personal interactions as well. 

  4. petsounds says:

    I’m glad that Brian Lam finally copped to the horrible way he played out the lost iPhone debacle, and that he finally apologized to Steve. But the damage was already done. It was a situation where a blogger, who doesn’t have journalistic credentials and experience behind him, failed to work through a story in a professional way with integrity.

  5. styrofoam says:

    Today’s NYT crossword is a tribute as well, oddly enough.

  6. digi_owl says:

    All in all, it boils down to some kind of “enlightened despotism”…

  7. NeilE says:

    Stephen Colbert did a tribute to Mr Jobs last night. Classy in only a way that Mr Colbert could do:


  8. Eric Peacock says:

    I think I want to create a band called “Mullets and Mainframes.”

  9. fable2000 says:

     Steve Jobs is a great man….
    He change the word with iPhone ………

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