San Francisco: Festival of Rock Posters this weekend


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  1. Faith Landsman says:

    Emek and I went to high school together. I remember him always sketching, sketching.  I am in love with his work and am so thrilled at his incredible success.

  2. Wow, that Decemberists one is gorgeous!

  3. jacklaughing says:

    It’s the largest? Compared to Flatstock? Then why is the list of artists/vendors missing virtually every major name in the world of modern poster art (short of Emek)? Typically, they all show up for Flatstock, so seems odd if they’re skipping this and even odder that the festival wouldn’t promote them.

  4. Rosin says:

    Wow, some six years ago i made this flying whale picture (here: ) and posted it broadly on my sys’ homesite (she being great harp player & singer) and eversince i’ve spotted a couple of, what feels to me as, mild plagiarism of the idea–like the band Cocoon’s album cover or this Decemberist thing. Those are all bands from the “millieu” of my sys’ Pic i did here: 

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