It's Raining Zombies on Wall Street

Zombies on Wall Street []


5 Responses to “It's Raining Zombies on Wall Street”

  1. Dave Jenkins says:

    All good punk rock songs have a reggae-paced bridge about 2/3rds of the way thru.  Reference: The Clash, Subhumans, Youth Brigade…

  2. MarcVader says:

    Maybe you should start a movement: “Occupy Boing Boing”!

    I for one love BB more than ever because it includes into its mix stuff that matters.

  3. Mataklap says:

    I’m just gonna skirt around the actual content/message here and ask: how is this  in any way  dubby? [/nitpicking]

  4. It’s too bad they couldn’t have worked in some giant puppets. Nothing gets the protest-wary middle class up off the sofa so much as those things.

    Just when you think a movement has legs… this lot hits the stage, and suddenly people think to themselves; “Great, now I can’t post stuff on #Occupywallstreet on my Facebook wall, cuz I’ll end up arguing with my brother-in-law about the stupid zombie stunt rather than the actual issues.”

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