Skull shot-glass

Neatoshop's $10 "Doomed Skull Shot Glass" is a pretty stylin' way of presenting your ethanol.


  1. The most trailer-parkish of my eccentricities is that I collect shot glasses. This one’s a must-have. Thank you!

  2. Wonder what the capacity is?  Does it hold 21 grams of Dan Akroyd’s vodka?

    Reminds me of some of the intriguing glasses produced by “Fred & Friends”;  looks great, but probably difficult to clean.

    1. If you look on the actual order page they have the dimensions and a pic with a hand next to it. They’re deceptively large, and out of stock. :(

    2. crystal head (ie dan akroyd’s vodka) now comes with skull shot glasses, which look better than these.  theirs are actual skulls, not skulls in a cylinder.

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