Snoop Dogg portrait in marijuana by artist Jason Mecier

Artist Jason Mecier has used candy, food, pills and the actual garbage of actual celebrities to construct celebrity portraits. This new Snoop Dogg portrait is made of marijuana joints, marijuana leaves and stems, and what looks to be hashish. The artist information says it's valued at $1,500. I wonder if it's legal to buy this thing without a medical marijuana permit? And what about the hash? I am not a lawyer, but I invite serious responses from persons who are, in the comments.

This work will be on display and featured in the new book La Luz de Jesus 25, as part of the 25th Anniversary of La Luz de Jesus Gallery.


  1. I have to preface this by saying that I’m not a licensed attorney (although I hope to be one very soon), this isn’t legal advice, and I have no special knowledge about California.  If you’re in this situation, and looking for legal advice, hire a California lawyer.  Please, please don’t rely on what I say here.

    That said, on a purely academic level, my interpretation of the relevant statute (CA Health & Safety Code Section 11362.5)  is that only the possession of marijuana with the intention of using it for personal medical purposes is protected.   So if a person had a permit, they could, theoretically, only buy the piece if they intended to dismantle it and smoke it all themselves.  (And convincing a court of that intention could be very difficult.)

    And, since marijuana is still illegal under federal law, as soon as that thing crosses state lines, all bets are off, and there’s probably enough marijuana in it to make possessing it a felony.

  2. this is amazing. Snoop is truly synonymous with marijuana a apple pie is to america..snoop is to the chonic!!!!  

  3. I believe that typically the narcotics are rendered unusable – infused with a toxic solvent, covered in plastic resin, etc.  Sort of like selling display cannons with the barrels plugged.

    At least that’s how displays of sample narcotics “actually seized on the streets” used to be sold to police training programs back in the early 90’s when I worked in a county courthouse.

    If that’s not the case here, the artist could charge admission to the room just to bask in the aroma of that beautiful collection.

  4. usually I can tell by looking alone if I like a piece of art. in this case I might have to sample a bit more rigorously.

  5. This thing has the potential to bring experiential art to a new, much more interesting level.  Yum.

  6. I’m an assistant district attorney.  Is possession of this illegal?  Yes, in any jurisdiction I’m aware of.  Would I take this case to trial?  No – no jury with a sense of decency (or humor) would convict.  

  7. The recent raids by federal authorities here in California targeted the largest of the for-profit and poorly regulated “medical” marijuana dispensaries, and collected hashish along with marijuana. So the two are clearly linked in even the quasi-respectable part of the distribution chain.

    I have mixed feelings about medical marijuana – it seems that there are some people genuinely suffering whom it helps, and a vastly larger number of people using medical fraud to gain privileged access to this essentially harmless recreational drug. The use of marijuana doesn’t bother me (see above statement about “essentially harmless”), it’s the widespread hypocrisy and fraud that worries me, and the sort of people who make money from fraud. Not to mention the offense against scientific principles of the vast quantities of bullsh!t spread on both sides, from the people who believe in 1950s style killer weed propaganda to the people who breathlessly report every claimed anecdotal benefit of marijuana. The raids have been a disaster in every way, because although despite initial signs the raids seem to have been targeted and directed against the worst offenders, the US Attorneys sent eviction notices to a wide range of dispensaries that aren’t obviously so blatantly transgressive.

    1. My questions for you are this: 1) I am an adult American citizen and I ask what right you or the government has to tell me what I can or can’t put in my body. It’s none of your business or the government’s. 2) Many, many more people have been killed by the ‘drug wars’ than by the drugs. Everyone knows this. 3) If you really think dangerous drugs should be illegal, then let’s go after the ones that really do damage. Make alcohol and tobacco illegal. Not just taxed. Illegal. Alcohol does millions of times more damage to Americans’ lives than cannabis. 4) Dispensaries, even if the people aren’t sick and just want pot, take the activity out of the hands of criminals and puts it in the hands of (mostly) legitimate business. It’s a win win.

  8. will this be on display at wacko? i am interpreting “on display” to mean in the book. and if it is on display at wacko, are they going to place it behind glass? that is a very close and personal space for such a thing.

  9. I say this is about time! Seeing how we’ve already been seeing a Marijuana portrait in Snoop Dogg for the past 20 years.

  10. Apropo of nothing: Cannabis is scheduled as Class 1 drug because it has ‘no accepted medical purpose.’

    The HHS holds a patent, 6630507, for various positive medicinal uses of cannabis.

    The same HHS this week moved to block research into using cannabis to help treat PTSD symptoms among returning damaged war veterans. Support our troops!

    My head spins. The hypocrisy cannot stand under its own weight much longer.

  11. Must… resist… urge.. to.. ah, fuck it. bb in 10.

    PS: The brown stuff looks kinda-hashy, but not right…. I’m not convinced this is actually made of the goodies. There any many companies that sell fake weed “buds”, and the artist certainly could’ve used those. If he did, Snoop will not be happy. Doesn’t take away from the fact that this (and the other stuff on his website) is amazing art. Also looks like there are pipe cleaners and matches in there.

  12. Howdy–

    That’s not hash, it’s a collection of very resinous roaches.  Someone got busy to produce those.

    Happy Trails.

  13. That is a beautiful piece of artwork :)

    Cannabis persecution involves a bunch of control freaks that truly think a plant is the cause of their troubles.  As in all things, it is what you DO with a tool that makes you the person you are.

    People are addicted  every day to mayonnaise, sugar, and alcohol. There are just more profitable big pharma payouts for regulating food addiction, diabetes, and alcohol addiction.  There are no addictive issues with Cannabis.

    People are upset that others can be happy, healthy, and functional without their chemical interventions.

    Cannabis is a divinely-given sacrament. It was here before all humans arrived and will be here after all humans are gone.

    I love ganja and I love everyone that loves it. Deal with it.  Illegal is just another definition for “Trying to demonize that which confuses me.”

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