Disney, Dali, and toy trains

Mime-Attachment Here's an excellent photo of Walt Disney and Salvador Dali admiring what I presume to be Walt's model train. It was likely taken around the time of their collaboration, Destino. Production on that film began in 1945 but it didn't premier until 2003. (Thanks, Mark Pedersen!)


  1. the version of Destino you are currently linking to isn’t right – it has the original music replaced halfway thru with a Janelle Monae song… I’d never seen it before and was seriously questioning the choice of music until I found the unaltered version!  Watched it again and was much relieved.  (plus it looks SO much better in HD)
    Here’s the proper link (HD with the original score):  http://youtu.be/1dIznsAdTOE

  2. Is it just me, or do they look uncannily similar? Pondering the possibilities of miniature locomotives in the field of doppelganger generation?

  3. Walt’s Carolwood Pacific train, including the locomotive “Lilly Belle” seen here, is on display at the fantastic Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco’s Presidio. (There’s also a replica in the Main Street railroad station at Disneyland.)

  4. The Carolwood Pacific Railroad wasn’t built until 1950. Dali’s direct involvement with “Destino” ended sometime in 1946 (I believe), so he must have been in Hollywood post-1950 for some other purpose. Neat photo though!

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