Megamash: retro Flash game requires you to mash up vintage genres to win

Play This Thing reviews Megamash, a weird chimeric Flash game that combines several kinds of play and requires players to figure out how to use the mechanics of each genre to solve puzzles:

At first, it seems like a simple platformer in which you play a bunny collecting carrots and avoiding enemies. But half-way through the level, you pass through a barrier into a sidescrolling shmup, and become a spaceship shooting aliens with the space bar.

In otherwords, the game is actually a sort of mashup of seven different games, and you pass from one to the other over the course of a level. And indeed -- this is the clever part -- you often need to do something in one "game" in order to advance in the level. Thus, in the rabbit platformer, a crate you need is surrounded by impenetrable blocks; but when you fire across the shmup/platformer boundary, the bullets turn into falling fireballs, which obliterate impenetrable blocks, freeing the crate you need.


  1. There’s another similar game out there somewhere that actually mixed elements of different classic games.

  2. i thought it was pretty cool. i played it for about 20 seconds before my nine year old daughter asked me what the heck i was doing. 

  3. Hahaha! I found this really fun. But I had a completely depressing day today so I’m just glad there was something cute and stupid for me to distract myself with.

  4. This is awesome!   I love how the mashed-up games are similar but not exactly identical to their old-school counterparts – the first level, for instance, bearing an eerie similarity to Super Mario Bros. 1-1.   The puzzle-solving required by this is truly excellent – I especially like the way the tetris-clone dynamic comes into play and must be used in an unexpected way.  I remember as a kid when a game cartridge malfunctioned, wishing it would do something cool like this.  I used to mess around for hours typing random codes into the game genie in the hopes of creating a random alternate game out of my old cartridges.

  5. It sounds interesting, I’ll have to check it out.
    Off-topic: I’m still experiencing a bug trying to view this site on my cell phone. It’s a Droid 2 Global, if that matters. I can bring up the main page, but if I try to read more of a story or view comments, I can’t scroll down that page at all. Though the banner ad at the top of the page works just fine, of course. I have no trouble on my laptop.

  6. Characteristically innovative, clever, and fun gameplay from the Nitrome studio.

    They remind me quite a bit of the developer ‘nerdook’ – always unique gameplay, distinctive graphics, a good grasp of what makes a game just feel right. Except that he is only one guy!

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