Macrame with brass hexnuts


7 Responses to “Macrame with brass hexnuts”

  1. dwinton says:

    just like these! same idea.

  2. sometimes i feel like a need a pair of brass nuts just to wear any jewelry.

  3. angusm says:

    Doubles as a handy emergency knuckleduster.

  4. Ryan Griffin says:

    I was leafing through a Maxim or something at the doctors office last month and there was an article on bracelets for men, and one of the designer ones used brass nuts and hemp or leather like this. It was north of a $100.

    • Cowicide says:

      They don’t really want to sell them, it’s just the Brass Nuts Lobby trying to goad people into making them themselves with their product.  The BNL is known for being pretty brazen.

  5. Stonewalker says:

    If a police officer and the DA’s office were so inclined… merely possessing those could net you a felony charge and conviction in California.

  6. Spriggan_Prime says:

    How long til the string turns green from the brass oxidizing? Definitely not shower friendly.

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