Burning Cam 2011: photos from this year's Burning Man


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  1. standingstill says:

    Funny…I thought I saw you sitting out in front of your camp one morning as I was getting off shift :) 

  2. Sam Ley says:

    Nice photos, and nice description of the Burn. We like to think that it is exactly what you described, lavish and principled, but without being preachy or creepy. Good to know that at least on some level, we (as a community, of which you are now a member) are still doing it right.

    The main image, of Charon, was my favorite large art piece of the week. His pieces are always incredible, and each year he’s gone a step further than I thought possible.

  3. standingstill says:

    I liked the fact that with Charon you had to have a little team work going with your fellow rope pullers to get the right rhythm to get it up to speed. 

  4. Mark_Frauenfelder says:

    Incredible photos! Makes me sorry I have never been.

  5. Jim Nelson says:

    Makes me feel better that I haven’t finished editing down my main video from what I shot…

    It makes me homesick.

    P. S. Welcome to the tribe, Cory. If you’re ever in Richmond, VA, look up the Party Liberation Front – we do street festivals, burlesque, the whole bit. There are burners everywhere.

  6. LostMachine says:

    Hey Cory,

    I saw that you were giving a talk at Burning Man, I was sorry to have missed it.  

    Burning Man isnever how people imagine it, and once you go you’ll find it changes dramatically from year to year.  As long as you aren’t expecting the following year to be like your last you will not be disappointed.  Burning Man is a good excuse to do a lot of neat creative things.  Thank you and BoingBoing for supporting a few of those projects over the years. The C.S. Tere Pirate Ship would not have existed without your support. 

    Thank you

  7. Seph Barker says:

    Hey, Cory! You gave me an orange before your talk on post-scarcity economics — thanks for that (and sorry I wasn’t able to stick around for the whole talk). Glad you had a good time, maybe see you next year.

  8. Powell says:

    Nice photos  Too bad burning man is now for rich white ‘alterna’ kids  and the tech corp sponsors.

    • Jim Nelson says:

      Of course it is. If that’s what you want to see. Because being a cranky more-Burner-than-thou is, apparently, some people’s permanent mode of operation.

      Are there sponsors for some of the camps? Of course there are. It’s expensive as hell to put together a big camp. Expensive to even go. Funny thing is, I was the highest paid person in our camp, and I make about 50k.  We scraped our camp together, did it on the cheap, and had a lot of fun. But Noooooo, we’re ‘rich white “alterna” kids’.

      Would we love a sugar daddy? Oh hell, yes. Be nice to not have to worry about money, so long as we find someone who wouldn’t crimp our style. Not likely to happen, though.

    • franko says:

      “rich white ‘alterna’-kids??” sounds like someone needs to actually GO to burning man to get the real story. i’m glad you finally got to go, Cory — i am actually surprised you haven’t been before now.

    • Al Billings says:

      Who was it for “before,” Powell?

  9. ahwoo says:

    So Cory, what’s your burner name now ?

  10. julanna hennessy says:

    Never been to burning in rl but the sl version was pretty bloody wonderful.

  11. dean jordan says:

    Next year stop by the kite camp for a cool one(DOTA)and thanks for all the great stuff you’ve written over the years.  I’m sorry I missed your talk, so much to do, so little time.

    To the naysayers, here’s the best response I’ve ever read: http://blog.burningman.com/2011/10/eventshappenings/decompression-and-beyond/comment-page-1/#comment-28853

    DOTA Rocks!

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