Core77 Design Awards trophy is a crayon mold



This year's Core77 Design Awards trophy is a mold. The winners also get a supply of crayons to melt for casting.

This year we invited New York design team Rich Brilliant Willing to create the first trophy. Their approach was to design an artifact that could be employed in the creation of multiples, honoring the kind of group effort that designers and their clients engage in every day.

As RBW tells it:

“We were inspired by a ‘mold’ as an image and symbol of manufacturing and design. In our discussions with Core77, we came to realize that an inherent pitfall of the iconic trophy is that it is shared by a group, yet not literally divisible among that group. We wondered if an award could, in some way, recognize the various contributors, beyond symbolic meaning alone. Our solution for the inaugural Core77 Design Awards Trophy has a functional value: winning teams can create ingots from the trophy, and provide these cast facsimiles to their collaborators, clients and staff.”

Motorola Prototyping Services manufactured the final artifact, and eager to try out the molds ourselves, we heated up the Core77 oven and made crayon castings in our signature color. The results were so nice that we decided to include a supply of crayons with each trophy so winners can cast their own.

We’d be so appreciative if you’d share this with your readers. colleagues, and followers.

Stay tuned for announcements about next year: 2012 opens for entry in January and we’ll bring you news about the line-up in the coming weeks.

Core77 Design Awards


  1. I suddenly want one of these awards. What do I have to design to get one? I like the idea of drawing with massive brick sized crayons.

  2. I want a vault full of these, for when Glenn Beck causes a collapse in the gold industry and the only remaining valuable resources is colored wax.

    Behold, my glorious ochre ingots!

  3. That could take a lot of time and hydro to bake enough for a large team.  It isn’t very Green.

    And there should be a casting # or additional stamp to keep track of all these floating around. 

    Otherwise it’s Oscars for everyone!

  4. …wow, it took me way too long to realise that the actual TROPHY is a mold, and not that a box for melting crayons into one big silly crayon brick has won the trophy :D 

    I still don’t get the choice of casting material. Can’t one make a mold without wasting all those crayons?

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