Escher/Portal remix

Here's a nice gallery of video-game-themed fine art remixes, including this curiously appropriate Escher/Portal remix.

(via JWZ)


    1. Cheers :).

      It turns out that four of those are my artwork.  It’s good to see them getting thrown about .

  1. I loved this at first glance, then immediately set about considering how to solve it.  Then I realized that, if its gravity rules were true to Escher’s Relativity, pretty much any surface would have its own gravity, making the chamber trivially easy to escape.

    Unless there turns out to be no actual switch to release the cube in the dispenser, in which case it’s just cruel.

  2. The original artist of this work is Kasper Filipsen, and the work is called “Relatively Portal”. He describes this project here: The relevant DeviantArt page, where he originally posted the work, is

    That DeviantArt page contains a super high resolution version of this image as well (24 Mb), for those interested.

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