Agatha H and the Airship City: Girl Genius book is a cross between a comic and a prose novel


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  1. might want to fix the link on Girl Genius, it goes to a parked site, the real site is:

  2. yri says:

    It’s always great to see the Foglios get some front-page time, and the more Girl Genius’s fame spreads, the better – but what’s with the anorexic Agatha on the cover? Had she been held captive and starved for weeks? I much prefer the Foglios’ own Agatha H., whose figure has much healthier proportions. :-)

  3. Diego Fernetti says:

    I like the way the illustrator of the book cover placed the cat’s tail on the girl’s crotch.  Subtle!

  4. markdery says:

    I dream of a retro future in which “girl geniuses” with the chutzpah to
    poke their Freud-friendly phallic lightsabers into the vagina
    dentata-like maws of robo-octo-whatever-a-poids are permitted to do so
    without first having to strip down to fap-friendly negligees.

  5. I’m seriously in love with Girl Genius, but I’m a little disappointed that this is a retelling of earlier parts of the comic series.   Not sure if I will be buying. 

  6. Tom Mathews says:

    I rather enjoyed it, and have read all their comics as well. There were several things that I had forgotten over the years that had importance in the current story arc, which lead to a few ah hah! moments.

  7. Shiawase says:

    It also available as a DRM-free e-book in several formats via

  8. Dave Brunker says:

    I love Girl Genius and even though the story and art are dramatically different I can’t help comparing it to Elfquest.

  9. James Bond says:

    One funny book and if you like airships and are in need of a Helium sniffing laugh, then try my new Gasbags site:  for the worlds only lighter than air comedy site.
      Regards JB (Airship & Blimp Consultant

  10. Stefan Jones says:

    Girl Genius is one of those strips I WANT to like and SHOULD be way into, but somehow found intimidating. So much to catch up on!  (Dresden Codak is that way too, and is possibly too damn smart for me in addition.)

    But I like the idea of learning up on the background and origins with this novel. Gotta see if it is available on Kobo.

    (Edit: Yes it is!)

  11. TheMadLibrarian says:

    Minor quibble: Agatha’s nom de guerre is Clay, not Crumb.

  12. steampunksweets says:

    “Clay.”  Not Crumb.

    I liked the book, though there were some style/writing workmanship issues that were jarring in a professionally-pupblished book versus a fan fic (like random POV shifts and awkwardly-structured sentences) but it’s fun for diehard fans and a good way to indoctrinate friends and family who “don’t read comics.”

  13. Jen Savage says:

    Wait, did they make Agatha thinner on that cover for a reason? I always appreciated that she was plump.

  14. If it was only they made her thinner …

    Anyone notice there are two (slightly) different covers on Amazon?

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