Head-sewn-on necklace

Etsy seller WeirdlyCute (an apt name!) makes these "Zombie Stitch" necklaces that make it appear that your head has been sewn on. Alice and I went as Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein last year, and this would have made a dandy addition to my Sugru neck-bolts.

(via Neatorama)


    1. The one above is really funny, made me laugh, but the Instructables one is amazing!!! I’m sure every non-decapitated zombie will sport a necklace like that, to hide the embarrasing fact!

      (And I’m so going to make one like that… good thing I’m a pack rat for craft stuff!)

    1. I see your pedantry and raise you… the monster was the child of the creator, psychologically, thematically, and in the monster’s own soliloquies.  So the scientist was Victor Frankenstein, the monster (who named himself Adam didn’t he?) was Adam Frankenstein.  Thus the last century of everyone calling the monster Frankenstein isn’t a peeve, it’s correct.

      So that’s the last time we’ll see that “well, actually” I’m sure.  ;-)

  1. Finally, I can dress up as a large black woman without having to do blackface! I’ll just be a large black woman who was decapitated and had a white man’s head grafted on.

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