NYC backs off Occupy Wall Street "cleaning"

The Awl offers a selection of photos and videos from the early hours today, in which the city of New York's deadline for clearing out the park (so it might be "cleaned") passed.


  1. whats with this frankly pyschopathic actions of the police of driving/ramming into protestors on mopeds

    i’ve saw video of at rnc protests and a few weeks back, and the may day police riot in la

    when people suggest the cops are just workers too i think of just those scenes, its a tactic, they are clearly malicious, vicious, pyschopaths.

    so next you try to disown so called violent protestors think of that too, people have right to defend themselves

    1. Thanks for the link, l e

      I “love” how the New York City Police Department’s Deputy Commissioner of Public Information says“We had somebody knock over a scooter [….]”, while the photo with the article clearly shows the scooter just having driven over somebody. It’s even captioned “New York City police officers runs over a Legal Aid Society observer”.

      Now, granted, there is the possibility that the person on the ground had knocked over another scooter, and this scooter ran over him in response. But that’s a bit far-fetched, and retaliatory.

  2. Have anyone else noticed how the level of comments in most newspapers these days are seem to be from absolutely rawing, slavering far, far, right-wing yahoos?  It’s the same here in Norway, I sometimes get depressed from reading the comment-fields on the news-articles from the shear cluelessness. 

    The ratio between sane and mental-patient seems to favour the lala-land population, but they never get that heavy representation in any election. Which would imply that either they just don’t vote or they are simple a lot more vocal than the rational people. 

    Just an observation from reading the comments in the cbs news article..

    1. The most disturbing thing for me about the photo of the cop running over the Legal Aid Society observer […] is the semi-circle of men standing within easy reach who, rather than offer a hand, choose to continue snapping photos.

      A semi-circle of what appear to be journalists. Not that they are not “men” or “human”, but their involvement is traditionally that of an observer, and thus more often allowed to be present by law enforcement, military, etc.

      Not always allowed to be present, and not always non-involved (Anderson Cooper pulls boy out of fight amidst looting).

      I think they get a pass — if they dropped their cameras to help, there would be no-one documenting this. And without documentation, repeat incidents are more likely. Greater good and all that. In theory.

      1. I don’t really disagree, particularly since it’s difficult to know exactly what’s happening when things are happening quickly. I was speaking more from gut reaction.

        In any case, good point.

    2. Yes, but disseminating the bad act is probably more valuable than stopping or preventing the bad act.

  3. Good, no sense wasting time on a park that will be cleaned next time it rains. We have a cleaning job to do down the (Wall) street.

  4. via Richard Metzger on Dangerous Minds:

    Considering the sorts of electronic images that would have been instantly transmitted to the rest of the world had a bunch of NYPD riot cops tried to evict 5000 committed citizens from Zuccotti Park this morning, Mayor Bloomberg dodged a seriously stupid bullet that he was threatening to shoot into his own foot.

    This is an important victory. It shows you that they’re afraid and it also shows you the limits of what they think they can get away with.

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