Geek Chic's insane and beautiful gaming tables

The Sultan []


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  1. bob d says:

    That’s insane… [looks at price]…. completely insane.  Even as a gamer, I’d be worried about anyone who bought a gaming table at new car prices.

    • Soliloquy says:

      But.. but.. just look at it!

      Oh, Sultan table! Where have you been all my life?

    • Zardon says:

      They also have the cheaper and still quite beautiful Envoy and Emissary if you want a swanky gaming table that’s a little more reasonable.

    • SomeGuyNamedMark says:

      Of course it is nuts but you are buying a work of art.  Look at the thing.  Think of the materials, the details, all those little drawers, the trim, the carvings on the corners, etc.  Anyone buying one of these obviously has money to burn already but I can see where the cost is coming from.

      • Guest says:

        Yep, what you said. That is a very fine gaming table. I twitched a little in excitement when I saw it. I, too, have an eye for these things! lol

  2. Seg says:

    Ah yes, the Geek Chic tables. If I ever start a bar, I’m going to get one of these and sell reservations for it. They also have a presence at both PAXs.

    The thing that always impressed me about Geek Chic is how inexpensive it is considering what you’re getting. Oh it’s bloody expensive when you can go to IKEA and get a table for much less. But when you keep in mind that it’s a custom made table with very custom features, it’s on par or cheaper than actually getting a custom made table elsewhere (besides making your own of course).

    I don’t own one; I’m not at a point in my life where that makes sense for me. But they are beautiful and functional for any kind of gaming. The Emissary or The Hoplite are great for board games. A nice tables that pack up for a dinner table.

  3. Ceronomus says:

    Try their “6 hour” chair sometime. Amazingly comfortable. Their prices are high, but their furnishings are crafted, not just slapped together. As soon as my wife gets her new kitchen, I get to have a Sultan’s Table….

    MAYBE in my lifetime…

  4. Bevatron Repairman says:

    If I had the kind of money to build a custom game room — and I hope to — I absolutely would include this sort of thing.  Of course no one needs this, but why horde money when you can use it to buy something beautiful that also supports a company of craftsmen?

  5. Mister44 says:

    Unless you can some how trick your mom into putting one in her basement, most gamers can’t afford one on their Dominoes salary.

    • Guest says:

      Uh huh, keep saying that to yourself and pretend it makes you feel superior.  We’ll be over here at this righteous table, having actual fun.

      • Mister44 says:

        Superior? Hardly. If I wanted that table I couldn’t afford it when I had the time to play, and now that I do have the money, I don’t have the time (nor the convenience of fellow gamers living within blocks of one another.)  If you can do both, more power to you.

  6. flowergardenslayer says:

    The sultan is pretty darned expensive, but it seems that people can pay for what they want.  Most people I know are having big, expensive weddings.  Me?  I’d rather have a little shin dig in the back yard, and buy a Sultan gaming table.

    Oh, and the misses suggested the idea.  She’s frugaler than me.

  7. LydiRae says:

    I love these tables. They put an insane amount of thought into the smallest of their items- check out their little tower dice tumbler/roller.

  8. JoshP says:

    I realized, when I was small, and with no concurrent amount dissatisfaction that we, the people who actually make and use things in the real world, had somehow at some time stopped putting secret compartments in things.  
     I knew that this was a huge mistake, but I held out hope for a day like this, when I could find renewed hope in cabinetry and our fate as a species. 
      Hrmm, I wonder if they could do walnut and mammoth ivory?

  9. MrScience says:

    Their tables are great… I’ve taken photosynths (photos placed into 3D space) at both PAX09 and PAX10. Keep meaning to swing by their production plant to take some really nice photosynths, rather than my semi-rushed and poorly-lit PAX ones.

  10. Andrew S says:

    They had a great booth, too. I got a wooden mustache-monocle (a mustache you wear like a monocle). Mustachionicle? They also were displaying wooden swords. Awesome to see any company doing inventive, quality carpentry with all the mass production going on.

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