Patrons sought for Jack Kirby Museum


9 Responses to “Patrons sought for Jack Kirby Museum”

  1. wygit says:

    They’d have this funded in a week if they did it on Kickstarter.

  2. Mister44 says:

    Someone forward this to Jim Shooter. I see the guy getting behind it.

  3. Gareth Gower says:


  4. Joe Bullock says:

    Um… 500 x $60 is $3,000.00.

    Or did I read something incorrectly?

  5. Darryl Pearle says:

    Must have been the Kirby crackle most often associated with those Belgian lagers.

  6. CGulow says:

     I’m in. Now if I only I ever return to the States…

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