Bo Diddley's son arrested in park named after Bo Diddley, during "Occupy Gainesville, FL"

From the Independent Florida Alligator via Guardian UK, via Greg Mitchell's blog, proof that awesomeness sometimes just runs in the family:

Ellas Anthony McDaniel, the 56-year-old son of rhythm and blues singer Bo Diddley, was arrested for trespassing in the downtown plaza named for his father.

At least four members of the Occupy Gainesville movement, including McDaniel, were arrested Friday morning for trespassing on the Bo Diddley Community Plaza after the park closed. The demonstration was peaceful and the protesters said they decided to get arrested to prove a point.

"This is my father's park," said McDaniel, a Gainesville resident. "For them to arrest me in that plaza is ludicrous. ... I'm an American. This is freedom of assembly."

He's carrying a sign that says "HOPE ISN'T JUST FOR PRESIDENTS."

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Above, the great Bo Diddley performing Hey! Bo Diddley in 1965. Video Link. And below, my favorite. Video Link.

PHOTO: Brett Le Blanc / Alligator Staff. Bo Diddley's son, Ellas Anthony McDaniel, 56, arrested for trespassing on Bo Diddley Plaza during the Occupy Gainesville protest late Thursday night.