Post-steampunk movements


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  1. travis says:

    As someone fairly critical of steampunk, I can’t wait.

  2. tyger11 says:

    In a Punkpunk world, Bow Wow Wow is the most successful band of all time. I’m SO there, like a TV Savage!

  3. Bucket says:

    I was Eamespunk before it was cool.

  4. samari711 says:

    what about Seampunk? Imagining a world where mass production of clothing never happened.

  5. I want the New Sincere Futurism. I want people dressing in silver lame with sunburst patterns on it. I want people hacking their roombas to see how many gadgets they can stack on them, then give the arms that wave around. I want useless rings and big dumb fins on _everything_.

  6. Aram Jahn says:

    The Tea Punks have already shown up at some political rallies, armed, incoherent, and proud that Paul Revere wrote the Declaration of Rights Bill.

  7. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Don’t get me started on the sergedeNîmespunks.

  8. Craig Smith says:

    Tampunks have the bestest hats

  9. unklstuart says:

    iSteam – bloggers ranting about the industrial revolution

  10. trefecta says:

    Dieselpunk was always cooler, if less environmentally friendly.

  11. travis says:

    Actually there is something called seapunk now, so you’re probably onto something. 

  12. sagodjur says:

    Have we officially jumped the sharkpunk by attaching -punk to the end of everything? Overuse seems to have turned it into the new -nik.

    Just wait for the republipunks, democrapunks, librepunks, hipsterpunks, veganpunks, applepunks, androidpunks, et cetera.

    Or may there will just be the antipunks.

  13. Devin Mack says:

    Seapunk is not a real thing; there is no wikipedia entry for it, therefore it does not exist.

  14. Jim Saul says:

    I am surprised that there hasn’t been a real revival of the 1940′s art deco aesthetic, with the oversized public monuments to ozymandian/fascist iconography and in consumer goods the combination of curvy colorful accents with stamped steel, valves and dials.  Diesel and Howard Hughes.

    • jetfx says:

      It’s called Raygun Gothic.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      I am surprised that there hasn’t been a real revival of the 1940′s art deco aesthetic, with the oversized public monuments to ozymandian/fascist iconography

      Living in Southern California, where half the municipalities require faux hacienda style in order to get a building permit, I’d be happy to see anything else.

      • Jim Saul says:

        I hadn’t made the observation before, but LA is definitely filled with examples of that style, considering that this guy was right by my office downtown.

        Now that I look again, with the position of that column the shot fits better with the 7-11 post.

  15. subhan says:

    Paleofuturismpunk – inhabiting where the futuristic dreams of the 40s, 50s, & 60s all came to pass, and the 60s-00s saw no further technological inovation.  Flying cars, android sex slaves, personal helicopters for commuting,  hover toasters in every kitchen, and a calculator in every pocket!

  16. I did an interview about a specific series of artworks I’m producing.  The interviewer asked me if I would describe my work as “steampunk.”  I said, “no, I wouldn’t classify it as steampunk.”  He then went on to list some other ____-punk words, and I said “no, I wouldn’t use any of those words, either.  Really, taking a word and slapping ‘punk’ on the end would probably make me look like a real dickhead.  Please don’t print that.”

    When the work appeared in print, it was described as “steampunk.”

  17. Mona Morgan says:

    Creampunk. A world where soft serve, fro yo, margarine and 1% don’t exist. All ice cream has 16%+ milk fat. It’s a delicious world!

  18. racerabbit says:

    What, no Stempunk? Everyone dressing up as trees, staging mock-battles between the Pontifs of the Conifs and the Deci-dudes.

  19. arifyn says:


    Every other kind of -punk is just a version of it.

  20. Sam Blanchard says:

    I have threatened my wife that I will foment a Stonepunk movement. Approximating todays technology and supposing what culture would be like if it had never risen out of stone based technology. Oh yeah! a whole subculture wearing bone nose skewers and leopard print loin cloths, and stone textured think pads. I think we can sign up Ted Nugent today.

  21. mortis says:


    oh wai…


  22. Richard Melvin says:

    samepunk: an alternate history based on the premise that, by a bizarre coincidence, everything turned out exactly the same as conventional history.

  23. Richard Melvin says:

    Tamepunk: the world where the basis of all technology and warfare is domesticating strange magical beasts, and this sucks.

    • billstewart says:

      “Tamepunk: [...] domesticating strange magical beasts”
      Paolo Bacigalupi’s Hugo-winning The Windup Girl has elements of this and clockpunk and genepunk, with mutant megadonts winding up springs as the main source of mechanical energy available in a post-peak-oil-warmed-globe dystopia.    “Repent, Heffalump, said the Tick-Tock Man!”

  24. Richard Melvin says:

    Mastpunk: it’s the 18C, and a fighting ship with only five sets of rigging would be sent to the breakers. Frigates have seven masts, and ships of the line twelve or more, stretching a half a mile. A young naval officer wearing outlandish clothing is annoyed by this.

  25. Richard Melvin says:

    Meatpunk: the magical aristocracy of the city rule with not an iron hand, but a flesh one. In the towers they are called flesh constructs, on the streets they are zombies.
    Either way, a knife, or any other legal weapon, can’t stop them. Rebellion may be impossible, but it is necessary.

  26. ahwoo says:

    We’re doing WW2Punk here and making a film about it this summer.

  27. Hubris Sonic says:

    hatepunks…   covers the mass of people who hate the whimsey in the steampunk genre.

  28. John Ohno says:

    I’ve been trying to push ‘ataripunk’ for a while. It’s what cyberpunk would have been if it stopped trying to keep up with actual tech circa 1983, though more elaborate backstories usually involve the PARC UI for whatever reason never being prototyped, leading to a technical aesthetic where graphics are still associated with video games and work that is not inherently graphical in nature is still performed using non-graphical interfaces, despite the normal progression of other tech.

  29. JoshP says:

    Claypunk??… No wait, that’s Chuck Testa.

  30. Screampunk: everything looks like an Edvard Munch painting.

  31. Evil Paul says:


  32. tyger11 says:

    Bork!Bork!punk – where Sweden took over the world.

  33. AMPunk: A world inhabited by people dressed as talkback radio listeners and shock-jock DJs and callback phone line operators… oh. It’s been done already?

  34. jere7my says:

    I am sooooo ready for steamdisco.

  35. Chris Lee says:

    Selfesteempunk – feeling really good about your gear-covered corset.

  36. Chris Lee says:

    Extreampunk – BASE jumping with top hat and goggles.

  37. SedanChair says:

    So what’s the prefix for the universe we actually inhabit? I always imagined people in the Steampunk universe reading speculative fiction about people living in suburbs.

  38. Hate to self promote, but I wrote the Eamespunk manifesto a few years back. Better living through plywood!

  39. Edward Pearse says:

    My biggest problem with the various “suffixpunk” genres is the re-invention of existing genres by people too lazy to bother finding out the proper name (cf. Dieselpunk or Atom(ic)punk) , or they’re inventing micro-niche genres so specific that you’ll probably only ever encounter the word as an example, not as a published description.

  40. Themepunk: Obsessive and mildly hipster-esque fans of theme parks, especially Disney. I first saw the term used by Geoff Carter here: .

  41. CSBD says:

    If you get more than two or three of these “punk” groups standing near each other… you would be able to finally film a remake of “The Warriors”.

    Who gets to be Cyrus?

  42. Tim Gingrich says:

    Carbonpunk: once the world is out of fossil fuels, young people who are not familiar with the evils of CO2 will dream of driving a real internal combustion engine vehicle “like the good ole’ days.” I wrote a story about it! The Future History of Travel (

  43. Strato Head says:

     SelfAbusePunk: People who wank off by adding the pseudo suffix “punk” on to everything as if it wasn’t allready a lame cliche

  44. Doug Flint says:

    Wait, are you saying Malcom MacLaren ISN’T responsible for all technological innovation since 1970?

  45. subhan says:

    Nazi punk, nazi punk, nazi, punk, fsck off!

    Tales of a world where Jello Biafra leads a zombie political dynasty attempting to overthrow Space Nazis that won WWII and subsequently developed a taste for speed metal.

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