24k Gold Sorapot auction to benefit Amit Gupta

Designer Joey Roth is auctioning a limited run of 24-karat gold Sorapots to help out BB pal Amit Gupta, who recently fell ill with leukaemia: "South Asians are severely underrepresented in the pool of registered bone marrow donors. 100% of profits from the auctions will go to drives, both here and in India, to find and register potential donors."

The odds of someone of South Asian descent finding a match are only 1 in 20,000.

Here's my review of the Sorapot from some time ago.

Sorapot - 24k Gold Limited Edition to benefit Amit Gupta [eBay auction]


  1. Whatever this is, it ain’t 24-karat gold. 18K maybe. 24K gold is yellow and very soft. It won’t hold a polish like that; it gets scratched and bent out of shape far too easily.

    1. Materials listed: “24k gold, stainless steel, borosilicate glass” so I am guessing it is 24k plate or some other method of applying 24k over steel. 
      Also unless is is deceptively tiny a $200 starting bid for being fully 24k gold is unlikely.
      (may be double post as something ate my first reply)

  2. I’m usually the guy who gives a raspberry to anything impractical, but I make an exception for this thing.  This thing is pure 100% stylish awesome, straight out of syfy.

    What would be even cooler still is to have an upright version with a press-pot plunger in it. And then, post-plunge, it tilts down 90 degrees back to the same form factor as the original design.

    I’d make French press coffee bombs in it every day.

  3. Thanks for the post Rob! The Sorapot is made from stainless steel, with 24k gold plating. This allows the shape to retain its integrity without being too soft, heavy, or expensive. 

    The gold Sorapot did cost a lot more than $200 to make, but my hope is that the bids go far higher than this (we’re at $405 already).

    I’m happy to answer any other questions you guys have.


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