Dance your Ph.D. thesis: Teaching a robot to appreciate beats


9 Responses to “Dance your Ph.D. thesis: Teaching a robot to appreciate beats”

  1. royaltrux says:

    Pssst: That’s not a robot.

  2. Mark Dow says:

    Yes, robots need to feel the beat. But should we be encouraging CS doctoral students to loosen up?

  3. Ed Gaillard says:

    Dance Dance Dissertation.

  4. Bazilisk says:

    Cool! And great now I have a crush on a random researcher. My kind of moves and research. :D

  5. Mona Morgan says:

    Hugh Jackman has already taught his robot how to kick ass, so take that Dr. Smarty Pants.

  6. robotnik says:

    I got rhythm!

  7. Derek MacDonald says:

    Anybody know the name of the remix?

    NM–it was in the credit. 8-bit censored remix by Fantasic Vamps.

  8. tyquasia111 says:

    As someone who shares the name Anderson Mills, I approve of this.

  9. JhmL says:

    I read ‘teaching a robot to appreciate breasts’. That’d be a good thesis, too!

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