Death Cab for Cutie remixes

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Last night, I saw Death Cab for Cutie perform an epic, sublime set at the Treasure Island Music Festival. I'd never caught them live before but their musicianship and the energy behind it was really quite phenomenal. Today, DCfC have released another new track from their forthcoming Keys and Codes Remix EP, a collection of other artists remixing songs from DCfC's current Codes and Keys LP. This week it's The 2 Bears' decidedly 1980s synthpop-inspired take on "You Are A Tourist." DCfC is posting a remix each week until the EP hits on November 22. Last week was the Cut Copy remix of "Doors Unlocked and Open."


      1. I generally like about one or two Death Cab songs on each album while I like almost all of Give Up. Regardless, there are 7 Death Cab albums and only 1 Postal Service album.  I just want my bleeps and bloops, man. 

  1. David, you used both “epic” and “majestic” in the first sentence of your My Morning Jacket write-up from the other day.

    1. hahah! That’s funny. And indeed I did experience much the same sensation from this concert, although even more because I was there in person! Looking for my thesaurus…. OK, I stand by “epic” but I think the DCfC show was more sublime than majestic.

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