Death Cab for Cutie remixes


5 Responses to “Death Cab for Cutie remixes”

  1. LeSinge says:

    I wish Death Cab would just go away for a long time so we could get another Postal Service album. 

    • Really? Postal Service was good but DCfC is pretty amazing. Although this new offering sounds more like older Sparta than DCfC.

      • LeSinge says:

        I generally like about one or two Death Cab songs on each album while I like almost all of Give Up. Regardless, there are 7 Death Cab albums and only 1 Postal Service album.  I just want my bleeps and bloops, man. 

  2. shrocket says:

    David, you used both “epic” and “majestic” in the first sentence of your My Morning Jacket write-up from the other day.

    • David Pescovitz says:

      hahah! That’s funny. And indeed I did experience much the same sensation from this concert, although even more because I was there in person! Looking for my thesaurus…. OK, I stand by “epic” but I think the DCfC show was more sublime than majestic.

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