How Occupy Wall Street Is Like the Internet, or a tale of a randomly-blogged funny protest sign

Conor Friedersdorf, an associate editor at The Atlantic, shares a strange but true story of how his words wound up on a protest sign 3,000 miles from his home: "How Occupy Wall Street Is Like the Internet."

The short version: over the weekend, I blogged this snapshot taken by BB reader Ben Furnas of an Occupy Wall Street protester in New York. She's cute, and she's carrying a funny sign. A friend of Conor showed him the blog post, and said (more or less): dude, Conor! that's a quote from an article you wrote! Conor is trying to track the sign-holder down, to complete this excellent meta Internet tale.

Do you know this woman?

Below is a related video by John Grace that reveals the person who made the sign.


    1. The guy’s parents named him Tony Baloney. Apparently Jack Meoff already lived in the neighborhood.

      The guy was set up to fail.

  1. “She’s cute, and she’s carrying a funny sign.”

    How cute do you have to be to get tracked down like this? Might come in handy to know that . . .

  2. Can someone let me in on the joke in that sign? It looks like a statement of fact to me- I must be missing the “funny” part…

  3. I think the funny part is the media has made fun of the signs from the beginning. And this is a 40-something word intelligently-worded sign.

  4. I also hope we can find this woman and bring her to justice.  Hannity is right!  People like this are just trying to destroy America.  Just look at these MOBsters!  Just look at them.

  5. Hannity et al. are just pissed and confused (dazed and confused?) because the signmakers can spell correctly. 
    Go explan socialism no brith certificate now pinko!  

    Feel better Faux News?

  6. Classic comments here.. And the proliferation of brilliant protest signs  from all over, are yet another nail in the crypt door of corporate lamestream media everywhere , now so far out of ‘touch’ mostly they dont even realise how  much is read into what they have ‘said’ as they are reduced to laughing at each other…! Honestly believe there is hope for us all haha, unless Harold Camping’s  prediction comes true tomorrow (21st October in NZ ) , in which case see you here the day after.. since 99% of us are surely in hell already.. : -P  

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