Texas officials edited climate change out of environmental report

Texas scientists wrote a report detailing the state of the environment in Galveston Bay. Rick Perry-appointed officials from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality went through the report and systematically deleted every mention of changes to Bay ecology that could be attributed to climate change. Now the scientists are rebelling. All the authors have asked for their names to be removed from the published, censored version of the report, and they've shared the original paper with the press. You can see how the report was censored, page-by-page, at Mother Jones.


  1. Before the bashing begins, please remember:  Perry and the Lege are clowns indeed, but they’re OUR clowns.  Greeting from Austin.

    1. Yeah, greetings from Austin, where many of us feel that these clowns aren’t funny. Spinkter is not speaking for the entire state, nor even the entire city. These are not my clowns, because I do not want clowns at all. I was hoping for something more like responsible policy-makers.

      1. Maybe not, but I most of the people I know who’ve been following the Lege for the last 30 or 40 years think they just keep getting funnier and funnier.  It’s a clownshow every other year!

  2. Soon to follow:  an official report claiming no one received the death penalty this year in Texas. (Or perhaps the reverse: a report claiming MORE people received the death penalty than were actually executed.)

  3. Is this report editing based on the same logic that says “if you don’t aknowledge your debt, you don’t have to pay it”? If no one speaks of climate change, it won’t happen? An interesting concept, and it seems to be catching on.

  4. It seems to me like it should be noted that not only were references to climate change removed, but also all references to how development in the bay is causing problems.

  5. Hey Spinkter – it was funny when they were harmless. I’ve been watching the Lege for about as long as your friends, and believe me, it ain’t funny no more.

    For those not familiar with Perry, this is pretty much bidness as usual. Cronyism is flourishing in Texas more than it ever has before. It used to be the biggest power a Texas governor had was the political appointments to various agencies and boards. But, the terms of the appointees were staggered so that, ideally, not all the appointees were appointed by the same governor, or at the very least some were about to step down. Perry has been governor so long, he’s made all the appointments, and will be making the next round as well. And these folks are all very loyal to him. It’s normal, now, for these political appointees to run rampant over career agency employees and dictating what they think is right.

    Oh, yeah – and Perry is the small government candidate. I.e. he’s the government.

  6. This is the same bunch of Perry appointees to TCEQ that last year used margin of error trickery to cover up EPA violations of radiation in drinking water. http://www.khou.com/news/State-lowballs-radiation-scores-in-Texas-drinking-water-107125648.html

  7. Hilarious.  “It’s a conspiracy!”  There’s a conspiracy all right but it doesn’t seem to be led by the climate scientists.  I especially like the part of the “conspiracy” accusation where the climate scientists making $80,000 a year (maybe) are all engaged in a cunning conspiracy to bring down the world economy and that there’s absolutely nothing the richest men in the world can do to stop them.

    Yes, there’s a conspiracy.  Fossil fuel companies and other heavy industries pay millions of dollars every year to suppress and discredit legitimate climate science — and evidently lobby politicians to do their dirty work for them.  The “skeptics” never seem to notice this aspect of the conspiracy theory.

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